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  1. wavemux


  2. Craig: I suggest you contact http://www.minilitewheels.us I worked with a gentleman b the name of John about 3 years ago to source lug nuts for my Datsun spec vintage Minilites. Minilite will do a limited run of vintage lug nuts every so often. They are NOT cheap but, Minilite can still get them for you. Let me know if you need more info. Sam
  3. siteunseen: Glad this helped sir! Let me know if you go this route and have any questions. Only change I would consider making is using better speakers than I did! Get the kick panels from Motorsport but, I know there are better speakers out there that will fit the kick panel space than the ones offered in the Motorsport kick panel/speaker bundle. Sam
  4. I looked at the RetroSound a while back when I was attempting to find a solution to my lack of tunes issue. Ultimately, I decided to go with a Bluetooth audio box from Out of Sight Audio and the kick panel speaker kits from Motorsports Auto. This allowed me to keep my stock radio in place but, add amplified stereo bluetooth streaming from my iPhone. The phone pairs automatically when I start the car. Volume is controlled by the volume buttons on my phone. Since I was able to leave the stock radio and speaker alone, I can use that if I'm sick of Pandora or my MP3 collection (most radio stations offer streaming anyway these days so, very little need to touch the radio anymore). I have been running this setup for over a year and the only complaint I have is with the performance of the Motorsport Auto speakers. They tend to be on the tinny side if I am using an app on my phone that does not have graphic equalizer functionality. This setup also works nicely as a hands free solution. No drilling or modifications required. Just used some good velcro to stick the Bluetooth box under the dash, run power to the battery and ignition wire. Speaker wire runs are all under the dash as the speakers used by the bluetooth box are up front. The company makes several models. I opted for the 2-channel but, they also have 4-channel and options for pre-amps. http://www.outofsightaudio.com/?gclid=CMvH2bGPsdQCFY6FswodRUQKJw Forgot to mention that I installed the connection to the ignition wire using a relay. Did not want this thing to draw current through my ignition wires! Relay closes a direct connection to the battery via trigger from the ignition wire.
  5. Blue: Absolutely! I've had "wavemux" as a handle since 1998 and you are the ONLY person who has ever made the connection! wavemux was actually the name of a line of telecom equipment manufactured by Pirelli (same company that makes tires) back in the 90's.
  6. Correction, the feeler gauge is actually .35 Inches not mm. Makes more sense as a spark plug gap now!
  7. jfa That's what I suspected. The fiche on all of the vehicles I researched only showed individual tools. No kits. I also took a look at the recomended spark plug gaps on the various Datsun/Nissan engines to determine if the .35mm was specific to any particular model. Then I realized that .35mm is way to small a gap for ANY engine. It's also to tight for points. Not sure what this feeler gauge could have been used for.
  8. Hoping someone on the forum can match this Nissan Tool kit with the appropriate car! I have been through the forums regarding the various tools and kits available for the S30 but could not find any reference to an "assembled kit" available from Nissan. Also looked through my parts manual and microfiche I have for various other older Nissan and Datsun models but could not find any picture or reference to the kit I have posted in the pictures below. Can anyone shed some light on this? Kit looks to never have been used and contains the following: (1) Philips head screwdriver (stamped Nissan) (1) Slot head screwdriver (stamped Rabit) (1) feeler gauge - (stamped SD - contains a single feeler gauge marked .35mm) (1) Crescent wrench - 250mm (stamped Nissan Motor) (1) Pliers - (Stamped Nissan) (1) 5Pc Set wrenches - (Stamped SANKI) (1) Canvas bag - Measures about 6.5" x 13" (Stamped Nissan Motor) Thanks! Sam
  9. Interested in 1973 front and back!
  10. Woof! I'll sell mine for the low price of $1,585! Daddy needs new floor pans!
  11. Sorry for the teaser guys, I'm still waiting for the video and results. Will post them when I get em!
  12. 2 of our club members own the lowest VIN HLS30s known to exist ( car 00006 and 00008). These have a very well documented race history and there is quite a bit of info on this site (and others) regarding both of these vehicles. Car 00007 is out there "somewhere". There is a thread on this forum regarding car 00002 but there is some question as to what it really is (it appears to be a right hand drive model) http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/zcar-history-forum/18120-save-s30-0002-a.html
  13. TomoHawk: Link to the details is in the first post Kurbycar32: I agree, no higher honor! The owner (who is also one of our club board members) has been teasing us for about a month about a "surprise" announcement. I thought he was going to announce he found car 00007 but, I dare say that this is much cooler!
  14. One of our club members who is the owner of HLS30 00008 has just had the honor of having his car officially released by Hot Wheels! Zccr Zcarclubofrochester's Photos | Facebook
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