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Hood hinges and rods


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You can trust Kats, Carl Beck, Geezer and HLS30. In no particular order :)

I imagine one of them will respond soon enough.

Kats website is a great resource for seeing what the original car had. I believe his resto's are some of the best out there.


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As Mike B. noted - the hood hinges were painted body color - but the torsen rods were black away from the hinges. {at least on every car I've checked}

If you order NOS hood hinges from Nissan - they came Yellow/Gold Cad. plated. At least the set I have did.


Carl B.



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You're right Carl. I was going by memory, and almost stopped at saying they were painted and leaving out the body color part. I was sure the hinges were body color but not the torsen rods. Now I see why I have no shot at ever making five&dime's most trusted list :).


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