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Wheel Center Caps


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Does anyone know where I can get original chrome wheel center caps for the mag wheels on my 240z? I'd buy the push-on ones that you see everywhere, but then there will be 4 empty screw holes on each wheel and it will look ridiculous.

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You can search E-Bay - some show up there from time to time...

BTW -=- Anyone know what happened to Torque Thrust Terry - aka Terry Vaughn... He had a widely known reputation -and it was very good - - - but now he has nothing on E-Bay and it seems several people that shipped him wheels... never to get them back.

What happend???



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I contacted Terry a while back about working on some of the old Appliance wheels I have. Didn't end up doing that, but emailed back and forth a few times and all seemed normal. I know the MikeB had his LeMans wheels refinished by Terry last fall. Took a while, but no other issues that I heard of.

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Funny you mention that Carl. I was going to recommend Terry and just looked around eBay to see if he had any listed, since he often does. He hasn't sold anything in awhile and has 4 negatives/complaints since Sept. http://members.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewUserPage&userid=torqthrust.terry

I picked up my wheels from him in mid-Sept and he was very hard to get in touch with. His voicemail box was full, and he never answered the phone. I was getting pretty worried when I finally got in contact with him by email and arranged to pick up the wheels. He said he doesn't use carry his cell phone with him or even turn it on unless he has arranged to talk to someone before hand. He mainly just responds to emails. I emailed him about some other wheels in Oct/Nov and it took a couple of weeks to get a response. He said he had been working out of town and he had some health issues. I hope he is doing ok.


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