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73 240Z Unilite + No-start


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Hello all,

I've been tinkering on my Z for awhile and I'm having a hard time getting it started. I had a stock 240 dizzy with the pertronix set-up and then added dual webers. It ran wonderfully but I decided that I needed a distributor without the vacuum advance. So I ordered a unilite, installed it, and now I'm getting nothing. :ermm:

I've checked for spark at the plugs and the coil, no spark at either of them. I've checked the module on the unilite and I'm getiing 11.8V with ignition on and 0.8V with an interuption in the LED. (believe this to be good) I've double checked my wiring to no avail and even tried a few different configurations I've seen on previous posts. I've got 12V at the coil with the ign on but As of the moment, the only action I get from the ignition is a spark on my tester when I turn the key from "run" to "acc"...just a short burst from the coil wire

So I am very puzzled as to what the problem is, I've got a few hunches but I want to get some positive re-enforcement or some new ideas becuase my head hurts!!

Thanks ahead of time! :nervous:


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Make sure you're running the Ballast resistor. The Unilite is designed for use with the ballast resistor and should not receive any more than 10volts, MAX.

If you ran the unilite on 12 volts for a while, it just cost you $90 for a new module. OOPS.

Brown to ground

Green to coils NEG.

Red to green/white

MSD Unilite Promastr Ballast wiring.bmp

Unilite Ballast wiring.bmp

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm pretty sure I've got the wiring correct as I'm getting spark at the plugs. Kind of confused tho, not getting any bobbles from the tach when cranking...

As of the moment, I've got the timing cover off because I saw one of the chain guides was worn when I pulled the valve cover. Will make sure all timing is spot on upon reassembly and try, try again! The weather is waaaaay to nice for this thing to be sitting on jackstands.

Thanks for the help

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