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Peter Brock film by George Lucas

Mike B

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I saw this posted on HybridZ the other day and thought I would post it here too. You may want to FF through the first 20 sec or so.

Apparently this was a senior project student film by George Lucas. Filmed on location at Willow Springs Raceway in California back in the day.

It does look like the pod racer scene from Star Wars in some places, doesn't it?


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Gayle Brock said that they (the Brocks) have several of the Still Photo's from that weekend and they may be more interesting than the film. She said Peter was still at Shelby America when it was shot.

Wonder if UCLA released it from their archive - or if its bootlegged..


Carl B.

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Hi Mike:

Given the prominence of both Mr. Lucas and Mr. Brock, I suggested that the Brocks put the still images taken at the filming of this short movie - on line for all of us to enjoy. This has now been done and its another amazing story in and of itself.

According to Mr. Brock:

George Lucas's first love was CARS, and he had planned to become a professional race car driver. A serious accident shortly after his High School graduation in 1962 ended that dream.

A few years later, in 1966 Lucas was a student at USC film school with the assignment of directing a short film. Still interested in cars, he wrote a script for a film called "1:42:08 To Qualify". Knowing Alan Grant at Shelby America Lucas ask for a recommendation for a driver for his film. Grant recommended Peter Brock, who had been a consultant and driver for the movie industry. (e.g. stunt driver in the 1964 movie "The Killers"). Brock had left Shelby America just months before to open his own company - BRE.

Mr. Brock borrowed a Lotus 23 and a few days were spent filming at the Willow Springs Race Track under the direction of Mr. Lucas. Brock says the most memorable part of the experience were the evenings where they hung out and Lucas shared his vision for a series of sci-fi movies. “It sounded kind of like Buck Rogers with strange creatures and better weapons. Very strange and we just kind of nodded and patronized this enthusiastic kid.” Even to this day Brock gets emotional relaying the story. There’s nothing that touches Brock more than seeing someone with a unique vision make their dreams come true, especially if they’re going against standard conventions... sounds kind of like the story of the Cobra Daytona Coupe, doesn’t it?

If you would like to see - or better still own a copy - of the pictures taken in 1966, just visit the BRE Web Site: http://BRE2.net

Look under "PHOTOGRAPHY".. then select BRE Archives to view the pictures.

Amazing.... now I'm looking for a copy of "The Killers"


Carl B.

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