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Engine won't start-any help appreciated


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I have a 77 280z. She had been running perfectly fine for the 6 months i've owned her. Took her for a 20 mile drive one morning into work. When i came out at 5pm to go home...the engine would not start. Simple question is "which parts should i start with to problem solve?"

Some notes:

-80k miles on engine

-L28 fuel injected

-spark plugs are 2 months old

-has new spark plug wires

-new fuel injectors

-battery is new

-NO, i did not leave my lights on

-NO, the battery is not dead

-Yes, i can hear the starter trying to turn the engine over

-Yes, the car has gas in it

-No, i do not see an fluids pooling underneath the car

-alternator was replaced 2k miles ago

-engine had been running strong up until...and averaging 20mpg

-Known issues: i might have a leaking head gasket, because my coolant level keeps dropping and i'm having trouble passing smog.

Wondering if i should:

-check the fuel pump

-ignition coil

-distributor cap

Any direction to start is much much appreciated


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Why not post where in southern Cal you are and you may find there is help nearby that can go look at the car with you.

I'm sure others will chime in, but if you've verified Gas+Spark+Air=Run then you should be able to get her started easily.


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EScanlon is correct spark,Gas & air flow and she should run. First thing I would do is check to see if you have spark to the plugs. If that proves positive then passably fuel pump. I had one fail with no warning . Some times they diminish in the quantity of gas they will pump, mine just froze up. My guess is that it is one or the other. Did you check all the fuses ? My experience with Zs is mostly with the 240s and I don't where the fuse would be for your pump. Hopefully someone else will chime in here . I don't know at what point the pump is activated when you start the engine. I imagine the pump would need to be running at first start to pressurize the injectors, so if you had some one turn the key and you listened back by the rear wheel on the driver side you should hear the pump running. Gary

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Looking at the few things you listed as far as what to look into I think your off to the right start.

Does it just take lots of cranking to get it going? If so could be a bad check valve in the pump. Or if it doesn't do anything the entire pump could have just gone out for good. Either way your going to need a new pump IF due to the above. You can't get just the check valve as far as I'm aware of.

best of luck with your testing :) and yes Gary, the pump should turn on with the key in the "On" position.

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