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Any members living in Sydney ?


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Maybe you can let us in on the secret after it is all over.


Mike it's not really a secret, just me being to lazy to explain in another native.

Well it wasn't a success, not this time.:(

The short of the long, is that I have a daughter at age 12, she is on a 3 month "world trip" with her mom, steb dad, steb sister and sister:ermm:, and now i got this crazy idea, that it could be fun and cool if I could get some local Z (or roadster) guy (s) to look her up at her currently destination, maybe bring the girls a ice cream and tell her hi from her ol dad, take her for a spin or what ever, I really don't have a specific plan, just like to have someone, representing her dad, because I know it will mean so much for her and bring some lights on her journey.

They have left Sidney for now and are on ther way to NZ

Thats all about it.


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