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Posting pictures (BLOCKED) :(


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Just an FYI. I know most people use photobucket to post pictures but unfortunately many people are blocked from their work computers.

If you use flickr.com to post pictures they will not be blocked. We are still blocked from flickr.com at work but if anyone uses html codes, the flickr photos will show up when they are embedded where as with photobucket they are still blocked and will not be viewable. Flickr is part of Yahoo.

Just a thought as flickr is free for basic accounts and much easier to use IMO. I liked it so much I upgraded to pro and now have around 4000 photos hosted online.

Just my $.02


You can see an expample of how my photos/sets are setup here.


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FYI - flickr can be blocked by webfilters just as easily as photobucket. In fact, since one of the reasons that organizations block sites like that is to preserve bandwidth, the more people start using flickr, the sooner it will be blocked as well. So don't count on flickr as being the final answer.

All the more reason to actually upload and attach your photos directly into the CZCC site itself, rather than leech the images from a third-party hosting service. If they truly live here, they won't be blocked unless the entire forum is blocked.

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It's easier for the server to compose and send a page if all the page elements are loaded from the server's disk and database, as opposed to having to send the page directly and then refer an image to a remote server. The CZCC server currently has more than 50 GB available for forum storage. No issues there.

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