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Subaru 1969 Promotional Video


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12-18-2008 09:22 PM

Here’s a promotional video from 1969 extolling the virtues of the new wondercar from the Land of the Rising Sun, the Sue-BARR-oo 360. Look, it can park perpendicular to the curb between two massive Detroit land yachts! It may be “Cheap and Ugly” but it’s the car of choice for chefs, Vegas showgirls, and “very groovy chicks.” The Autodrive feature means “No clutch, just touch” and there’s even a “Super Sport” version with bucket seats. Watch as it catches major air and goes to the track for some loose-tail drifts that almost puts it into a fence!

And who wouldn’t want a 360 side-loading pickup? Known as the Sambar in Japan, it had a twin in a van body and is perfect for moving your giant wooden TVs! Follow that up with the 1000, known as the Star in the US, which climbs the hills of San Francisco with ease, and you’ve got the 1969 Subaru lineup.

Thanks to TSiSS350 for the tip!


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