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Iacoski Z Design Study Hits The Intarwebs


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08-20-2008 08:04 PM


Here’s an interesting specimen that’s been making the internet rounds. Perhaps unsatisfied with Nissan Yulon’s X-Link as a worthy flagship for a revival of the Datsun brand, someone calling himself Iacoski has offered this alternative.

We’re not really feelin’ the GT-R front, but that side profile definitely recalls the S30 Z and looks good doing it, proving just how timeless the original shape was. In fact, we think it looks better than Nissan’s own leaked 370Z photo. What say you, yay or nay?



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Looking at the DATSUN X-Link:

Personally, I'd be OK with the styling for 2010. Make it 1200cc, 110HP and less than 2000lbs - that sells pretty well equipped for $11,995.00 (and actually sells for that!!). Make it rear wheel drive, with a typical DATSUN bulletproof engine and drive train... 21mpg in town and 38 on the highway.

Build a lot of Customer VALUE into it - and yes, it would be a modern DATSUN. Of course it would have to be sold through a NEW Dealer Chain where the new Authorized Dealers were real car people and hungry to build a successful dealership. Dealers that actually own and operate their Dealerships and actually deal day to day, face to face with their customers... Yep - you couldn't build them fast enough.

Send it to your typical Nissan Dealer - and it would represent another FLOP... they want to sell $35K Maxima's now, or $32K Pickup's... At $12K they would let the little car sit on the back lot.. or blow you out the doors if you came in and ask for one..

DATSUN was about 25% the actual cars/trucks, 50% the Authorized Dealers and their Service/Parts Departments and 25% DATSUN USA. The people at DATSUN actually listened to their Customers and delivered the high quality cars/trucks they wanted to buy - at prices they could afford. Every Datsun had a large dose of Customer Value... Something that seems to have been all but completely lost in todays market....

As the standard of living of middle class America, goes steadily downward - the need for low priced new cars will grow here. Toyota was very wise to start their low priced brand - and Nissan has a huge advantage in the DATSUN Brand Name... who ever actually wants to buy a Sicon?... Every car nut would love to have a new DATSUN.. even if for their kids..


Carl Beck

Clearwater, FL

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...As I said before, the greenhouse being so upright makes the car look like an Eastern Bloc rip off of itself, like one of the new Ladas that keeps the mid section of the car from the 70s, and adds cheesy "modern" headlamps and rounds off the edges, etc.

I still like the grille... If I saw it in real life (with those cartoony proportions it couldn't happen) it would definitely be the most ridiculous looking Z ever.

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It is an S30 with a different nose drawn on it. Sure, it has a flush mounted windshield, slightly wider body, body color mirrors and some wider fenders moulded in, but look at it. Proportion wise its as if they traced over a 240Z and added a few flourishes like a widebody kit and a rear spoiler. Don't get me wrong, I like the looks of it, but its not a new concept, just an updated nose job on an existing car.

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I think the cartoonish proportions could be dealt with by using some realistic size wheels to ditch those low pros. and raking the windscreen back a few degrees, so it looks less like the 350. The headlights (and the surrounding area ) look a lot like that other concept Z-car, where there is too much PLASTIC in that area. I like the body, but without the vents and side skirts, I even like the GT-R grille and especially the power bulge. I'd like to see a full side/rear view. This one might have a little more potential for resurrecting the Datsun name than the "X-link" concept or the 370 for that matter. But I cannot see Nissan slapping a Datsun tag on it and expecting people to remember what Datsun means. Why did they stop using the Datsun name anyhow?

My $.02

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Looks like they kept alot of the original look and lines of the first generation cars. It still takes a couple of long looks to get used to the large front opening.

But I feel they got the rest of the car lower to the ground which gives it a very modern look.

I could buy something like that even if it did not come with a super power plant.


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