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  1. Stephen, I cant tell you how much i just wanna pick you up and keep u in my pocket so i can pull u out and help me with me Z. I am sooooooooooooooooo confused right now. i didnt go to autoshop class today, mostly because the teacher wasnt there so theres no class. I hate being patient.
  2. problem is, Im a minor and I dont have the resources to drive all the way to OC. My parents wont do it, they dont really want me to have the Z in the first place. And i dont know how he was able to tell with just driving around in the parking lot. I mean I was sitting in the passenger seat and I asked what do you think is wrong, (because it still idles by itself and it wont stop revving by itself) and all he said is that it sounds like theres not enough air getting into the engine and that i should find a MAF...
  3. well, he owns an 82 280z and we already tightened all the vacuum lines. and today we also did an oil change. and also changed the oil filter, seems to be that it hasnt been changed since the 27th of april of last year! poor Z kept in horrible conditions by the previous owner.
  4. thanks a lot. the with all due respect has been there for a while since it caused drama, i took the old one off.
  5. So, today was another grueling job at the auto shop. We fixed the clutch, new brake fluid, tightened all vaccum lines and put new transmission oil in. And took off the stupid front bumper, (thinking about putting a grill on it instead) My auto shop teacher took it for a spin in the parking lot and said that its not getting enough air and that it needs a Mass Air Flow Sensor. So I was wondering if anyone has one that I can buy or have to let me know. It would be optimum to have it by Thursday...but not absolutely necessary. Anyways, just wanted to give a shout. Thanks.
  6. LOL thnx

    my school gets lots of toys that are decent

    we r actually supposed to get a new TV set this winter break

    visit our news site: gvtv.weebly.com

    we post our day shows everyday after airing them live...

    my bio is there to in the "present staff"

    just click my name.

    but yeah, I cant wait to get my feet wet in this field,

    its definitely my career choice.

  7. I understand and I'm sorry for anything I have caused. I'll stop.
  8. sure, i'll send it to you in a pm...
  9. uh HELLO!! maybe you should read my first post on this thread you will see that MY parents know what I am doing and are completely aware. I have been making websites and webmastering for over 3 years now, I know the pros and cons and I am well aware of the consequences of whatever behavior I project to the internet. I DO NOT need to be told that everyone is a potential predator...i've been to the Teen Conventions For Internet Safety (drinking and driving, parent-teen isues and scholarships are also addressed) in the Hyatt in Valencia EVERY year. and btw, its just pjs,Its not like im naked or showing vast amounts of skin in my pictures.I'd like to see you deal with your daughter when she wants her first thong and wears them. Regardless of how much you think you are going to "control" her. And you have no right to say what my parents should and should not do. I-m sure you wouldnt want anyone telling you how to raise your child. Regarding Dan, its my car, I'll lay on it if i want to. But i would never be "drapped" over the car. Unlike that photo in the Zcar Women gallery of some chick naked on the Z. I have more respect for the car. AND if anyone truly has a problem with me, then they should tell me, not the whole forum because I am more than reasonable with holding back on anything you think is inappropriate. But I will hold my stance on the fact that: I am NOT here as a tease, I am here to have FRIENDS and learn more about my Z.
  10. My friend Randy... he's a loon... and on top of that, he challenged me to a race saying how he would beat my "crappy Datsun" and I just laughed and told him that he doesnt know what he's talking about and to shut up.
  11. the headlights make it look like an angry asian... no offense...
  12. i have a 75 too!! mine does... its touchy though... it locks up even though I didnt pull it hard.
  13. I havent really been watching the Olympics, I just watched the Judo competitions and then blew off the rest...Mostly because Judo is something I used to do a long time ago and one of the Judo competitors from Spain is somebody that I know. my mom has been following it like a hawk though. Just in case you dont know what it is: and i come out in 2:18!! u better believe it too!! i like this video better though...
  14. Thats funny, you should take a leaf out of my mothers book. she wont let me go out with anybody who doesnt have a 3.0 or higher, and if the person in question doesnt have the grades, they have to work to have them before we can go out. its actually kind of funny. But anyways, I think the crossgenderavitaring is cool, I should put a pic of my best friend then and act like him.XD but I just came back from youth group at church and today was HECTIC!! The Z couldnt make it from my house to Valencia High (autoshop class)it died half way there and I popped the clutch trying to get it out of the middle of the intersection ( because thats where it decided to crap out) so now I have to replace the clutch. So I pushed it to a DQ and walked to class, told my teacher what happened, one of the guys had a pick up with towstraps and we hauled it over to the class. we put it on the lift and when we all looked underneath, the frame was soooooo rusted... but yeah, its still up there, we are currently draining all the oil out and I'm going to start working on it tomorrow!! Heres some pics!!
  15. al_itzah2luv

    falling in!!

    not really, but you get the idea... the car's headlight looks like its almost gna wink at ya!! just wait until i get the eyelids on there to make it look mad!!
  16. And I am stoked to be your friend!! I think your avatar is cute, it reminds me of Oscar from Sesame Street... no offense...
  17. Oh my goodness, I'm not mad at anyone, I didn't get offended, I simply proposed to leave, I didn't actually leave, I've been swamped with homework because SOMEBODY has to go to collage in my family, and I can't believe all of you are making it into a big deal, I get that it's not just me, that it's other Z female members too, but still, whatever is about me, it didn't really phase me. The sexual jokes that I make on this site is simply because that is just how I am, I'm not trying to be a tease or a slut. The pictures that I posted were removed, they may have been inappropriate and dangerous to my own well being but I knew exactly what I was getting into and what I was doing. My parents are completely aware of anything I do on ANY website. I mean, I've been webmastering my own stuff for years now. I realize that because of my age, I may not be taken seriously and that there may be a conflict in opinions and I am prepared to take that risk. I am not a immature child though, regardless of what you may think, you don't know me, please don't just assume. I am here to learn more about my Z just as much as I am here to meet new and interesting people, if you don't want to deal with me, then don't. It'll save us both the grief. I don't mean to sound rude or ungrateful in any way, I am simply voicing my point of view to this whole ordeal. And last but not least, I am not "begging" for attention, I get enough of that on my school's TV show that I host. Thank you to all.
  18. awww, thanks,

    but school has started and the reason why I havent been online for a while is because I have a crap load of homework!!

    Trust me, a couple of stupid comments cant take me down.

    I'll post pictures soon of my Z in autoshop and me working on it!!

    much love,


  19. no, but i still need to get a new one of each, lord knows whens the last time its been changed... since theres carpet NAILED into my dashboard... idk what this guy was thinking.... so a new dash and center console is added to my wish list of things to order this weekend.
  20. totally but thank you E and Conedodger... and everybody else with these awesome tips and pointers... but monday the Z should be in my autoshop class so it wont be a problem on the street anymore, just in the shop... i posted it as more as a rant than an actual question tho, but its still awesome information and it will come in handy!! much love.
  21. thats funny, mine wont stop revving by itself... like it wont stay a constant 1000 when idling...
  22. yeah, thing is i cant do it right now because the office is closed and the first day of school is closed and i cant do anything because I'm participating in many school events. i already moved my car down the street. but thanks anyway, I'll ask my sister to go and get a HOA handbook or something...
  23. i showed my mom the form left on my windshield and she just said to move the car and to not cause any trouble... thing is...where to? this is stupid... im just gna go move it right now,and in another 3 weeks if it continues i'll go that way... thnx Will much love.
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