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Just bought a 260Z


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I saw a 260Z on Craigslist that wasn't too far from me. The seller said he couldn't get it to start, but I asked if I could look at it and perhaps get it running. I looked at it on Friday and started my diagnosis. I finally found that the distributor cap was damaged. I told the seller I would go buy one and try to get the car fired up.

The weather was bad on Saturday, so while I got the money from the bank for the car, I didn't try to do anything on that day. I called the seller and arranged a time to see the car today.

So, I went to see the car. I replaced the distributor cap, but it still wouldn't start. I checked the fuel flow. I had a battery charger to help the car battery. I was thinking it was possibly the ignition module since a previous owner did the 280ZX distributor swap. Finding a ball bearing loose in the distributor didn't have me feeling too good, either. I was about to drop back 10 and punt, but I thought of one last thing. I checked the spark plugs. Sure enough, they were fouled. My wonderful wife did a parts run for me and brought back 6 new plugs. That was it. The car started.

Here's the kicker. The guy was going to come down $700 on the price since the car didn't run. He was so happy that I was willing to put the time into getting the car to run that he still only asked for $2,500 down from the $3,200 he advertised it for. I'll try to put up some pictures later. It's in better shape than my 240Z, but it still has the boat anchors. That's easy enough to change out. (At least that's what I want to think.LOL)

The car needs plenty of work, but that's part of the fun of owning these cars. Plus, I don't have to make the same mistakes I did on my 73.

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Congrats on the addition...and on a wife who will do a spark plug run (how cool is that???)...

On the button, bigoak!!!

... SteveJ, you have been twice blessed! Give thanks.

Best of luck with your new baby!

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Did you buy the gold 260 on CL? I noticed that it's ad has been removed. My old 260Z looked just like that one before I flared the fenders and painted it Porsche India Red. Man, I miss that car NOW!!!

Yep, that's the one. I never thought a distributor cap and 6 spark plugs could be worth $700. The seller was a great guy to deal with. He had plenty of patience to wait for me to diagnose the car.

Now I need to put it up on jackstands to inspect the suspension more. I also want to drain and re-fill the differential and transmission.

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