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  1. what are your replicas? please share it here! and those first class kits.
  2. It depends on the make. . . I guest its just the usual seat.
  3. maybe its because there is only one solution for every questions ask here.
  4. Where else can I find good BAX? A good one that won't disappoint me.
  5. cool video, I'm not a fun but I love it. Is it done by Chinese people or in Japan?
  6. I also consider creating one, I haven't seen any banner of DATSUN for a couple of months.
  7. wonderful, you did a good job, congrats!Just make sure it will last against the rust.
  8. whats your idea?I mean plans for your up coming z?
  9. Hi! Mike, how much did you spend to come up with that? I'm out of budget need to plan things.
  10. yah, enjoy there! its been raining here for almost the whole week. I'm so wet!
  11. welcome dude!what is your z?you'll enjoy sharing it here.
  12. But why? I think the dimes are great at that time. I even manage to reserve some but sadly out of budget.
  13. Why does my post is in your sig? is it a complement? Thanks for that!
  14. cool! Is there a new RC cars to be release next year. I think they are up to it I heard it from a friend.
  15. everyone will know it cause you post it here!
  16. is it still open until next week? I'm not available on Saturday this week.
  17. cool! z cars forum in New York. The site needs more members. the feature is good. congratz!
  18. really nice! It would be nicer if it become cheaper.
  19. full house

    Not a Z

    looks good! your project is a bit simply all you need is just some modification to make it look z.
  20. full house

    Zappp ?

    zzzap! cool name, its very catchy name for z cars.
  21. its a cool z! how much did you bought it?
  22. the video was cool! Oh Julian you're so cool!
  23. Feb is almost over. . . but didn't see any bull running!
  24. basically I get attracted on its look first. It was really cool for me.
  25. yah, I also heard that it cost $ 250 or higher it just play around that price.
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