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Buying used "check list"


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Being a new member, I did the customary search for a "check list" on buying a used 240. I would have thought that there would be a sticky somewhere on this but I'm not seeing it. I have come across a few things such as, checking the dog legs, main frame rails, looking under the carpet and the infamous spare well.

Looking for a Z is why I joined the site, to do research. If there is no such thread, maybe some of the veteran members could help this new guy out, or point me in the right direction. With enough input, possible make a sticky with this info. Great site with great members, thanks for any help you can offer.

If there is a thread out there with all this ........ ignore the above mention :rolleyes:

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My two comments are not necessarily aimed at problem areas to look for, as there are lots of places to find that.

No, my comments are aimed at the buyer. The very first thing you should do is honestly ask yourself what your ultimate vision is for your future Z. Because that can have a big impact on what cars you look at and eventually buy. Is your dream Z a restored showroom original 240Z? A mildly modified Z to drive daily? A radical hot rod? Something else? A Z can be any of those things, but some cars you look at may be suitable for some of those goals, but not for others.

And how flexible are you willing to be if you find a really nice car that might not be exactly what you are dreaming of? I ask this because I know, it happened to me. I was planning a mildly modified 240Z with period-correct looks. Then I found a nearly original, low-miles 240Z. I've had to change my goal a bit, as I can't quite bring myself to do things to it that aren't easily reversible. So my end result will not be nearly as modified as I had first thought.

Last is the biggie. I'm going to emphasize this, because even though I know this, I often ignore it and it comes back to bite me again and again. So here goes - Hold out for the very best car you can find and afford! You won't regret buying a really nice one, and the money spent up front will be well spent. It can easily cost 2 to 3 times as much to make an average car as nice as a nice would have cost up front.

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Hi Dave:

Arne has given some pretty good advice. Think about it and let us know a little more specifically what you have in mind - and maybe then we can come up with a list of things to look for, for whatever type of Z, or whatever use you have in mind.


Carl B.

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Thanks all for the help and 100% agree with you Arne. My dream Z would be a stock 70 or 71 with black or tan interior, stick (ok w/5 speed upgrade) that I might upgrade slightly to make it more friendly driving, taking suggestions. Four wheel disc ....... is this do-able? Might have asperations for possible weekend solo racing in the future. A clean stock Z, I don't ask for much, LOL.

Thanks gang

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Here are the questions that I typically ask unless they are already answered by the ad or auction description.

1) Do you have a clear title in your name ready to sign over to the buyer.

2) Are the miles that you show the total miles on the car? Is it documented?

3) Has the car ever been wrecked and repaired in even the slightest way? If so, how?

4) How many times has the car been painted? When was it last painted?

5) Is there any rust anywhere (and surface rust counts) and especially in the following areas- interior left and right floors including under seats, floors from beneath car, suspension components (under carriage), rear deck left and right corners that you see when you raise the hatch, lower rocker panels and weld seams, battery area, master cylinder area, cowl area beneath cowl cover, etc.

6) Can you provide close up photos of each of the above areas, including the floors with carpet and jute removed and seats as well if possible?

7) Does it start up, drive, stop, and track properly.

8) Does the engine block code match the engine number shown on the engine bay shock tower?

9) Is the interior complete and if not, what is missing? Is the center console damaged in any way? Is the dash cracked in any way? Are there speaker holes in the door panels?

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