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Rear Running Lights won't Work; Please HELP


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My rear running lights will not come on. The rear blinkers and stop lights work, I've checked the fuses and they appear fine, I chedked the bulbs and they seem fine.

Please HELP, with the time change it's dark before I get off work and this has me carless..Ugh...

Thanks in advance for the help


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Rear Side Markers?

License Plate light?

Front Running Lights?

Front Side Markers?

If ALL of those are off, then you need to look at the fuse again. Check the one that says Park Tail. It may look good, but it may be either disconnected inside the glass tube or not making proper contact.

If ONLY the rear running lights AND the rear side markers and license plate light are off, then you're more than likely looking at a broken ground in the rear of the vehicle.

If ONLY the rear running lights are off, then you're more than likely looking at a broken wire, bad ground, or inverted bulbs in the sockets to those lights.



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even better would be.... What year Z is it? This makes all the difference in troubleshooting..

The 240Z's have a Green with a white stripe wire that controls all the taillights in the rear. This wire lights up the rear sidemarkers, licence plate lights and the parking lights in the taillight assemblies.

Test the green/white wire at the rear on the right where it comes into the back. If there is nothing there, trace it up into the upper right kick panel where it should still be green/white.

if the front ones work, it's NOT the fuse. but a connection near the right kick panel.


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