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Out of Paint Jail - Bond paid


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Looks great Frank - now the next best thing to getting your car back from the body shop - is putting that first coat of wax on, and running the towel over that super smooth finish as you take the wax off... Just something satisfying about getting physical with the body on that car... when the towel glides so easily over the paint.... and you can see yourself reflected in a deep shine.

That's when you really know it was worth the expense...


Carl B.

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EXCEPT, you don't want to put wax on fresh paint.

Check with the body shop, and you'll find that they'll recommend between 30 and 90 days before you get your first wax job in. This is to allow all the solvents that will yet be exuding from the paint to do so and not be trapped in the paint itself.

Here's a link to that question at the Meguiar's site:


Don't ruin that nice paint job with a too hasty wax job.



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