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I am thinkinf of selling my z. Its been a great ride but kids going off to college and have to figure a way to make some needed cash. Its a 77 280z. Have spent untold amounts of money on it. Has all new suspension (Urathane bushings, new struts and break hardware) Paint done recently by a local company called Matchbox Customs. Not bad but not show quality. Had MSA body kit put on it. Replaced carpeting. Still needs seats recovered and wheels and tires to really look good. Car runs good. The question is how much should I ask for it. I have seen so many adds at many prices. I have included a few pictures to give an idea of how it looks








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Just start out advertising high. Say $10k. There are a lot of people on ebay who will drop that kind of money for a great conditioned car that runs with a few modifications.

Then just lower from there. Not really sure the value. These cars for me always seem to be hard to judge.

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I wrote a post about selling on eBay about a year ago. You actually want to start very low and let the price work it's way up.

Be careful, you may not like what you see - so set the reserve high. I've sold untold numbers of items, but when I went to sell my Z, it didn't hit what I thought it would. Thankfully, the reserve was set high enough so I didn't lose her.

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Auctions end high most frequently when there is a low starting price, and no reserve. As RJ mentioned, the problem is that if there is no reserve, you sort of lose control the minute a bid is placed.

The time of year is important (more cars are sold in the spring than in the winter, for instance), and there are any number of variables. The real deal is finding two people out there that really want your car, and hoping that they duel it out and push the bid up high.

And, of course, hoping that they actually have cash and can pay for the car....I've had to relist vehicles due to buyers flaking out, and it's not fun.

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