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hey, what do you think about it?

Caen Fred

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I did some heavy welding in Photoshop, bloody messy job, but I came along with that ! It shouldn't be to hard to do for real, wouldn't require to modify any body parts, just the bumper and the grid, oh and the logo's pinholes on the hood would need to be filed. But the main question is do you like the front of the standard Z, or do you think it look like the guy in charge took a long break and never came back to finish the job? I do!


Fred, virtual welder

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What happened under the bumper? Looks like the turn signals are missing and the bottom cowl is different. Other than everyone elses comments, it's not all that bad for a non stock.:stupid: :stupid: :stupid: ...sorry...don't know what this ending means

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I agree with silv it does look like a chrysler logo.

If the logo of the z in the circle was on the hood such as the datsun logo on the original cars that would look good.

As for front ends I like the air dam on my car which is why I bought it. :smoke:

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I think that it looks so good that I might just try the bumper design on my next 240Z. I don't know about the grill emblem yet. It might grow on me. I even copied the photo for my Webshots screen saver program too (with proper credits to you).

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