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Check out my new tattoo!!


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So far we have about 10 hours in it. One more session and it should be done. A good friend of mine owns Shenanigans tattoo shop in Auburn, AL. Its only about an hour and a half drive for me, and he is an amazingly talented artist. Its also really cool that he is a good friend of mine because it makes it that much more personal. This is a 280Z engine. He took cues from my engine, and several others that he found on the web. When it is done, it will look very realistic. It will look like there is an engine bay in my back, only the fenderwells will be muscle (you can see the beginnings of it in the pics). It is so dark here because only the black has been done. I will post more pics once the second session heals, and again when its done.

Tell me what you think...

Oh yeah - I spent the entire last 5 hour session playing Forza Motorsport on xbox. How cool is that?!








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THAT'S FRIGGIN SWEEEET!! I love it!! I'm currently working on an underwater scuba scene for my right arm. Soon I will be adding a manta ray, shipwreck and some others...

The engine compartment idea looks absolutely stunning. The guy doing the work knows his stuff because those shades and textures look great.

Now you just need a Classic Zcar Club logo on there somewhere. ;)

-- Mike

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what happens when you wanna go V-8?


couldn't resist

thats dedication man, it looks great

I'm getting a comic book cell from Wangan Midnight myself

Blasphemy! Actually, the guy that helped me build my engine tried to talk me into a small block 400. I just wanted to stick with the Japanese thing. I love the way my Z sounds now too - wouldnt trade it for the world. Anyhow, thanks guys... I cant wait until its done! It looks even better now that its healed up. You can see the detail much better. Once it is done I will post some pics. I plan on sending it in to the tattoo magazines too.

PS - glad to see another Ghost in the Shell fan! Actually, a fan of anime in general even.

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All that is left is the lettering on the valve cover. I need to take some better pics. These really dont do it justice. The detail is the best I have ever seen. I am not 100% sure of the hours involved, since it was multiple sessions, but its between 15 and 20.






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I love what's under your, hood....erm I mean skin, however I'm really not interested in where the drain plug is..... :)LOL

Seriously though, that's some nice artwork and an incredible commitment to the love of Datsuns.

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I know this is probably a stupid question but why is it in two parts?

Think of that kind of like a strut tower brace. It just kind of helps break up alot of straight lines on a non-straight surface.

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No true Z guy would put a Chevy in a Nissan.

Hmmmmmmmmmm...any true Datsun guy wouldn't be a BMW parts specialistLOL.

Rgarding the tat.....each to his own, I say but, glad it's your back and not mine!!!


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Very cool!!! I am suprised that's only 20 hours. My half sleeve took 32. Of course I think it was b/c of all the color.

The detail is incredible!!!! Very good artist you have.

My guy may do a cool one of my 510 on me before too long.

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Thanks guys. Yeah, he is freakin amazing. He also does graphic design. He does most of the stuff for APR. He did the GTI that was in all of the magazines, their R8, and their Koni Challenge series cars. He did their logos and stuff too.

I actually started out telling him that I wanted a hole in my back where you could see the engine internals, but I wanted it to be an accurate representation of the Z internals. When I got there he says he has another idea he thinks I will like, but if not he will do what I had originally come up with. He showed me the drawing and I was just blown away. I instantly said "stick it." It really helps that he is a car fanatic too.

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