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Datsun Dealership Signs!


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You lucky guy :) ! ! Saw it too and even called about it. In the middle of switching Paypal accounts or else I would've bid too, sooo if you ever sell it let me know first ;)LOL . Seriously though thats an awesome find. The seller said it come from a storage unit that belong to an old man who used to buy and sell stuff at flea markets. He said the old man past away and thats when it came out of storage. What do the little insert signs, letters say? When you get it hung and lit up post some pics for us :).

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Not really a 'sign', but a bit of Nissan history. I got this banner a few months ago from someone that worked for Nissan Motorsports. It's an original hand-painted vinyl banner that was to have been hung in Nissan's HQ building in Gardena CA. The lettering was hand done w/the pencil marks used to create the lettering still visible.

In 1988 the Nissan GTP team won 9 out of 12 races it entered (including 8 in a row) and didn't even enter the Daytona 24-hour & Sebring 12-hour races. In anticipation of winning that IMSA Championship, Nissan had this banner produced. But, while Geoff Brabham won the Drivers' Championship by 46 points (his 1st of 4 consecutive Drivers' Championships), Nissan lost the Manufacturers' Championship to Porsche by a single point (196 vs. 197). Nissan then went on to win the Championship in both 1989 and 1990.




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Here is an old Datsun dealership used car sign that was on ebay recently. It was only posted for a couple of days and then the auction ended early, so I think someone worked out a deal to buy it directly from the seller. I believe the auction was only for one side, but it looks like he had the other side too.




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What do the little insert signs, letters say? When you get it hung and lit up post some pics for us :).

Sorry, I didn't see your question before WingZr0. The little blue insert signs have various service related words that can be combined to advertise certain service promotions. I am attaching a picture I found on the internet of the exact same sign/clock that is at the Datsun Heritage Museum. It is the only other one I have seen.

I am also attaching some more dealer sign pictures. The Datsun Leasing sign appears to be the same form as mine, but without the clock and sign inserts. It was sold on ebay with a BIN after someone contacted the seller and got him to end the auction early :mad:. Too bad for the seller. I was going to bid more than he got for it. The other signs are ones I found on the internet. I think they are from Australia. The last picture is another dealer flag I just got.









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Not a sing but came from DATSUN NISSAN in California. Maybe 1982 or 1983

It's a water color painting. Some event called nissan prolympics.

Looks like a race/picnic. Poster size.

midohio021.jpg Also my name is bill and i am a z c . c Castaway.

So you may see me more at this great Z site.


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Ok folk, who has any DATSUN DEALERSHIP SIGNS they like to share !

Here goes some pics of mine.

Got it from Chicago and made in Kentucky. It's about ('2 by '3 1/2)

feet, with three strobe or "office" lights running lengthwise on the inside.

Plugs in with a normal electrical wall cord!

So get 'em out of those attics, dust 'em off and lets see pics and hear about 'em ! ! ^_^

And yes I renamed the thread to see if that would help those signs come out the dark.










You need to contact American Pickers.

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If anyone is intrested, I have a sign shop. If any of you guys need parts for your signs, like lighting parts or a set of changable copy letters for the sign above, I can help. I can also reproduce damn near any window or body panel graphics or decals that you get your hands on. Not trying sell anything here, just giving a place to start if anyone is looking for help.

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Here's a cool looking dealer sign that was on ebay recently. It got bid up to about $450 or so, but still didn't meet its reserve, which was probably closer to the BIN of $800 I think.


I actually bought that sign. The seller said he bought it from a friend who got it from the dealer when it shut down. I was gladly suprised when the sign arrived. It was a lot bigger than I had expected. Its about 5-6ft long & 4 ft tall 1ft thick. Double sided w/the bulbs still in it.

The sign is still in the box it came in. Its so huge Im not sure where im going to put it yet but ill find a good spot.

few pictures



Will post more pictures when I take it out the box.

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