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Nissan Driving simulator


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I had GT2 on PS and I managed to get the S30 Fairlady Z :) it was a 240zg oh yeah I had fun I used it to win alot of the races did it up to 350HP shame no turbo L28 engine could be done just N/A Tune.

A friend of mine got the KPGC10 GTR in the game also but i could never find it at the dealer ship :).

I just watched the GT4 game trailer and loved it I'm so inspired now I've always wanted to program PC games like this hence the reason i'm doing a multimedia stream in computer science for an additional 1.5 years after my advanced diploma in computer science this year.

Looks like alot of fun.

Also did you guys note that the factory from which they were taking photo's of the cars in Japan from the Nissan factory was the same as the one Alan visited a few months back?

Saw alot of great cars and from the fairlady 2000(Roadster) to the 350z.

Hmm i'll have a look this week for the Nissan game again have a feeling i lost the cd cause I just didn't care about it.:disappoin

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Gav, the content of the 'Used Car' Dealerships changes every 10th day, and some things don't reappear for over 50 days, the days as I'm sure you probably know, translate basically into licence attempts or race attempts, even if you go into a race screen then exit before actually starting the race, that counts as a day.

The KPGC10 is there right at the very start but it's only there 10days and being you start with 10000 and it costs 30-50, there's not enough time to get it in the first stint, so you save your pennies and bide your time I'm not sure when exactly it comes back though. You'll also find a few fairly rare, decent Skylines and others come up on other Manufactuer's, for instance the 1983 MkII 2.8 Supra comes up in Toyota, but it's named the Celica '83, the top of the line DR30 RS-X and R31 GTS-R also come up.

I've slapped GT2 on the PS2 so I can use the old cars, gotta love it.

Before I went back to GT2 I was going through a huge Drift phase of GT3, I'll try and get some pictures maybe of myself and my brother racing, he uses a 300ZX and I use the Silvia K's, kicks my arse on the straight but it fun as hell to go round a corner sideways. :D

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What about Takumi Fujiwara's car...the Trueno Sprinter Apex GT Twin Cam? (AE86) Next to the 240Z, I think this car was the best in the lower hp races. I would always start with this car. Did they switch out the 86 for the Levin? (probably because the Levin is turbocharged out of the factory.) :stupid: When is the game due to hit the shelfs?

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