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  1. thanks for all your help guys..... i will seriously look into it and find out how much it will cost to gert a crank. cheers tellie:classic:
  2. hi Ivan do you know what crank that LD28 is out of in australia... is it a patrol diesel or something like that?
  3. hi im just wondering if anybody knows of a stroker kit for an L26..... cause i want to get as much torque as i can so if i could get a stroker it would be good...... and what head would be best for???? i was told to get an L28 cam cause it is hydrolic and would be better than the L26 cam. any help would be appreciated. cheers tellie
  4. hello all does anyone know of stronger uni's than the standard ones cause i keep breakin them every 4 to 5 weeks.... and other than driving like miss daisy:finger: (which a zed can not be driven) i will keep breaking them... any help is greatly needed cheers tellie
  5. yeah i know what you mean... though its not as if these things pop up all the time and i think its more of a keep sake more than anything.
  6. Hi all there is a 240z brochure on ebay this is the page. http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1772759984
  7. hello... The RB motors arent that hard to fit in (so ive heard) they are starting to become more common here in Australia in zed cars... If you looked around you could be able to find a importor and get a front-cut witch is the go cause it has everything there with it.
  8. Hi there my mate sent me this game it would have to be the closest thing to GT for the PC. It's even got a '71 2000 Skyline GT-R and a '69 Fairlady Z 432. The link is in German though but all you have to do is scroll to the bottom where you can see the installation and download it. To get good cars you have to do enduro races. www.nissan-szene.de/diverses/simulator/simulator.shtml check it out its sweet.
  9. Well i have had my 260z up to 210Kph i dont know what that is in Mph. But that was with the old stock motor and with this new motor so far it's good for 170Kph in 4th gear sitting at 5500rpm.
  10. hey, I don't know about the 240c and k's but when my motor blew i was able to get hold of a 260c off of a mate. What i found with the 260c was only the motor was the same and came with a 240k head and a single carb. Everything else was useless to me, Personally i would try to find a cheap 240z (if possible ).
  11. Im just wondering if anyone knows where to get a re-build kit for these carby's?
  12. I'm just wondering on how hard it would be to fit a small block into my 260, or an RB25det? Would it be worth trying to fit the v8 or the RB25det?
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