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Tach and Speedo light bulb replacement


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I have a few light bulbs out on the speedo and the tach and I want to replace all the bulbs. I have tried to get my hands up there from the rear but it is impossible. Am I approching this the wrong way? Any ideas would be helpful. Thanks

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Unfortunately, it really depends on the size of your mitts and how easily you can move them into different pretzel bends and THEN...how easily you can change the bulbs with only three fingers to do it with.

If you can reach the wing nuts for each of the instruments and un do them, then you can pull the instrument out from the front....except that then you have to be able to put the wing nuts back on....

Short of removing the dash completely, with the instruments and wiring harness unmoved....nope. There really isn't another way.



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Last summer when I decided to tackle my mostly dark instrument lights, I first pulled out the drivers seat (4 bolts and lift it out) then I was able to lay on the floor and get my hand up under the dash to the lights. What I then discovered was the bulbs were not burned out, they just needed the connections cleaned where the socket grounding tab touches the metal instrument panel. I didn't really "clean" them - just pulled the sockets out and then re-seat them in the panel. Maybe thats all yours needs.

While I had the seat out I also replaced the worn out retaining straps under the seat cushion, but thats another story. :stupid:

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If you have a 240z, by removing the heater control panel in the center of your dash, you open up a large access hole to easily reach all five instruments. To remove the heater control panel, there are three or four wire cables which must first be disconnected from their respective vents under the dash. Hope this helps.


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Hi Warren - I see from your previous posts you have a '78. If this is still the case, you can attempt to remove the speedo and tach from thier resting spots. This has it's own set of pros and cons associated with it. Removal of the steering wheel, finding and removing (and not loosing) the screws and disconnecting the electrical connections, as well as the speedo cable... It can be done. The other gauges come out like that as well. That said, the con about this procedure is if you have a dash cap, you are pretty much doomed into removing the dash entirely, unless you want to get finger reduction surgery or you can bribe one of your kids into working on dad's car...... Note: I do have a 1/2 dash cap on mine, and am able to add just a few correctly timed cuss words and mine comes out, not with ease, of course. :finger:

Good luck.


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