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Dash Pad replacements


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Hi Guys,

as probably most of you, my 240K coupe has a cracked dashboard right where the centre dash speaker is, well it did!!!

A while ago, i visited the local wreckers and found a toirquise late model 240k sedan with an absolutely immaculate blue (yuk!) dashboard, very very strange considering that the car no longer had it's windscreen.

Because the donor was a late model car, it had the round air vents as oppose to my square ones. The plan was for me to dye the dashboard with satin black dye and pop it in the car instead, using all of my square vents.

well i placed my glovebox up onto the dash and quickly realised that it wasn't going to work, the metal skeleton of the dash gets in teh way. so i came across the wacky idea of trying to remove the skins from the dash and transplanting them onto the skeleton of my proper dash.

There are a number of nuts holding the dashpad on underneath, once these have been removed i tried pulling the old dashpad off. I managed to rip it off but not before absolutely destroying it! it came off, but the area around the speaker was almost glued on due to the heat i guess that cracked the top.

I decided to press on as i really didn't have a choice now. To my amazement, after unscrewing the nut, it took a little bit of gentle prying to get the studs out of the holes, but it then just slipped off, no damage what so ever!

the dashpad seemed almost brand new! it had all the factory markings on the back! The dye worked really well when i sprayed it on before, so i gave it a few extra coats now since it was off the frame.

I then compared the two dashpads, and apart from the massive cracks! the only modification needed was to cut out some of the padding on the right hand side of the glovebox section. I carefully cut the pad out to resemble the old dashpad, and slipped it back on the old frame. without too much effort it slipped on!

The dashboard looks awesome now, just the way it came out of the factory!

so we all now know that the old dashboards don't replace the newer style directly, but the pads can be interchanged with a little bit of effort!

good luck finding those dashes! i am not sure why the blue one i found was in so good nick, maybe it was replaced very late in it's life, or maybe blue is better at resisting the heat!

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Nice! Saves a bit of money, that's for sure. Any pictures?

Just hope that this one doesn't crack a few weeks after you take it outside. :nervous: When I got my car it had a tiny little split where the speaker holes were. Now it's a nice wide open crack all the way down. I use the windscreen shield wherever I go, but there's only so much you can do to prevent what is essentially a poor design for our climate.

As your car will not be a daily driver I guess it may not be such a problem though, so that's good.

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i should have got photo's as i did it, but i just didn't think :( i will get it out next weekend and show the comparison of the 2.

I hope it doesn't crack either. the new pad is very very soft and spongy, as it would have left the factory, it doesn't have any cracks at all, but i wish i knew how i could protect it, i will keep a carpet protector over it, but i am sure that even that won't keep it good forever..

does anybody have any suggestions on protectants? i am very cautious with using armourall type products as i have heard a few reports that they actually make things worse (it apparently moisturises it, but also causes it to dry a lot more brittle eventually). surely other classic car enthusists have similar issues.

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Carpet will do a very good job of protecting it. I just can't stand carpet on dashes, personal preference.

I hear the same thing all the time about Amourall. It's difficult to find anything else in stores though. Thanks for the suggestions Miles, I'll be looking for those products ...

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Don't use Silicone based products they're no good. There's a few dressing type products about that you can use to condition the vinyl that do not contain silicone, those are the ones you're after.

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i too have got dash probs, it was in the worst condition ive exer seen (perished all over about 300 cracks)

undone all the nuts holding on (there are a few hidden ones)

came off easy as pie, now i have a bare skeleton and no dash. I had a quick look at the 200b dash pad, looked close so i tok that off to see if it would fit....... it doesent (i knew it wasnt going to, i had high hopes, wishful thinking and a bit of time on my hands)

Now, with the bare skeleton installed, and the instrument cluste,r and my newly done gtr style ally fascia, im thinking of using aluminum sheeting to cover the skeleton?!?

would this work.... or am i just crazy

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you would have to check the ADR's for your year model as there is one that says you have to have hard surfaces covered with a cushioned material..

in an accident, it doesn't sound too safe though

My XK Falcon (1961) wouldn't pass then, full metal dash,

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