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  1. KPGC 110 Kenmary Nissan Skyline Datsun 240K Tail Lights | eBay
  2. Thanks for that link. But the prices are all over the place. I see the first set of tails, looks like repros, for about $110. Then the prices jump to $450-$1400-ish.
  3. Thanks for replies. Most prices I've seen are a bit higher than that.
  4. What are C110 tail lights going for these days? What would I expect to pay?
  5. nice! never knew such a thing existed!
  6. located in North Hollywood, CA middle badge with Datsun/Skyline logo was modified by prior owner and has broken loose, otherwise the piece is totally mint: $300 not incl shipping
  7. that looks to be a nice one; they are super rare now, that price seems about right to me
  8. SOLD today for asking price --thanks to all who inquired and kept in touch, especially lately (almost daily calls in last 2 weeks after months of nothing); congrats to Mike in Indiana. Your dream is on the way.
  9. thanks, Kent. I want a 240K again eventually, when times permit. It just wasn't time yet. I was actually surprised I got as much for it as I did, in this market. Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere. You are right about another Skyline somewhere for me.
  10. hello, Brian. yes, thanks for the condolences. It is tragic that I must sell but circumstances have shifted and I just cannot keep them at this time. the first auction nobody went for the 240K, but the 2nd time has thus been the charm. I've had the reserve met and if it goes into a last minute bidding war it may end up where I wanted the price to begin with. I've had numerous calls for the R32 but most are BS lookers or children who want to drive an R32 skyline on the roads. I have a guy allegedly coming next weekend to look at it. I think it, too, will sell given persistence. I wish you c
  11. Yes I know. I guess the next owner can. Believe me this sale is somewhat forced
  12. good idea I never thought of that actually, but it's so obvious now I will list the cars there....
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