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coolest looking spooiler, i think


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well... I KNOW that the 240z would not have the timeless design it have , if it was not for Goertz input.

Goertz did show big intrest in my turbo set-up,( cartech triple carb) and the sound of the car, i remember he sat inside my car and blip the trottle with a big grin.:)

maybe i post some fotos of him later, i need do some "arcive" digging:)

Any way that discusion belongssome place else.:)

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My Dearest Gentle Jan,

That discussion belongs some place else indeed! Certainly not on this web site! You see, Albrecht Goertz had NOTHING to do with the design of the Z. You will only get howls of laughter from everyone here if you bring up his name. I know he would like to think he had something to do with the design, but we don't believe him. We believe the design team led by Yoshihiko Matsuo is responsible for the design and we have overwhelming evidence to substantiate our thoughts. Conversely, we have nothing more that a few pictures of Mr. Goertz standing around and that really means nothing. For that matter, if you would like me to sit in your car and blip the throttle, I would be happy to smile for a picture. You see? You are very welcome to join our love for Z cars and talk about the timeless design, but discussions about Albrecht will not be received well. I hope you will consider our view.

Personally, I don't think your air dam design is all that bad. Move the parking lights to below the bumper and make the brake duct smaller. Align the vertical edge between the brake duct and center duct with the line of the fender edge above and I think you will have a very good looking modification.

All the best,


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Excuse my ignorance, but who is Albrecht Goertz and why have you guys said (tongue in cheek I know) that he was responsible for designing the Z. Thanks for any insight...

believe it or not lilman, the more this thread goes on, and the more I go back to looking at the spoiler, the more I think I do like it. I'm going with a BRE front add on spook, but I like how the openings follow the lines of the original front valence.

A thought--and I thought I'd never say this--but the turn signal lights that would look best on here are the US 280z style, IMHO, where they are in the grill area.

Hows that sound?

"Hey guys, I'd like to modify my 240z to have the turn signals in the same place as the 280z"....

Doesn't sound right to me, but if you do hook up with this spoiler, that is what I would do!

and to top it off, if you get this spoiler, you would remove your front 3 piece stock valence I assume--I was checking prices the other day, and jeeze, a 3 piece valence is quite expensive to buy from somebody (new at least)....I mean each side of it is like $130 from MSA....you could sell it and make some $$ ...

Anyways, just thought I'd say it's looking better with age...

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but you have to remember that this stuff isn't "from the internet," there is documentation behind it.

at any rate, let's get back on topic, shall we?

that second air dam is pretty nice, but i don't like how it makes the front of the Z look square. i DO agree that the 280z turn signals would look beter with the air dams, though.

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this spoiler was made in 1990, and its the best looking " styling " (if we can use that word) then, and i think still is.

But today i would not put that on a 240z, after put a LOT of different spoilers, wheels ect since i bougt it in 1986, i have come back to the "orginal" design is best.

I never get tired to look at my 240z`s . and its design really really shines when you look at it when its parked next to my 911-67, bmw 3.0csi, 2000 sport.280zx turbo ect.And its far the best car to drive of those to.

this foto is one of my favorite, its a 1970 240z, and its the first car i restored in my restoration shop in vilnius.(anyone know where that is?:))

i made new leather interior, dash,all panels,centerconsolle, all was black leather.

doortrim i choose the 260z design.

steering wheel, i made a tad thicker and covered with leather so it looks like the factory sport steering wheels.

( we have made some monte calro replica rally cars)

it was lowered, koni ect,7" +14"orginal nissan motorsport Minilite wheels, period recaro seats, rebello engine with su carbs ect...well who need more?

ok, you get better grip and handling with bigger/low profile tires,(been there done that..) but you dont get the same driving pleasure,and you dont need so high speed to get to the limits for you and the car.

and the good thing this car you can come to classic car show to, park it next to a 911, or ferrari and it will fit right in.


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