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"Z" hubcap emblem polishing


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I refinished the "Z" hubcaps for my '73 a while back, but some of the center "Z" emblems were in less than perfect shape. One problem is emblems that are cloudy or hazy looking.

I've used a couple of Meguiar's products on the front turn signal lenses, side markers and rear tail lamp lenses with great results (#17 Clear Plastic Cleaner & #10 Clear Plastic Polish). On a whim, I decided to try them on the "Z" hubcap emblems. Again the results were great!

First step is to remove the emblem from the hubcap. I use a small pick to pry up the tabs on the retainers, then gently use pliers to remove them. Once off the hubcap, I used an old toothbrush and dish soap to thoroughly clean the emblem.

Next, apply a bit of the Meguiar's #17 Clear Plastic Cleaner to a clean rag, and spend a few minutes cleaning the center of the emblem. This will take off the cloudiness & haziness.

Finally, apply a bit of the Meguiar's #10 Clear Plastic Polish to a clean section of the rag and spend a few minutes polishing the emblem. This will give it a clear shine!

I would imagine this process would work well to clean up the colored resin on the 260Z and 280Z fender emblems, too.




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WoW what a difference. I guess I need to get out in the garage and try a little clean up.

My mother in-law has a Chrysler 300M that the plastic headlights are so hazey you can barely see light through them. I will try this on her car. Can't beat those kind of brownie points.

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