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Z parts!!! omg!!!!


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Hey guys im selling alota Z parts still. I have an L24 engine and tranny titled as 50k miles and reads the same on the dash that i have aswell. I have all the drivetrain except a couple suspension components. The body is totally chopped up but if u want it u can take that aswell. Anyways there is alot of miscellaneous stuff that i can list if interested.. If anyones interested in the lot im asking 400/bo for ALL of it. All parts are from a late production 1972 240z. If anyone wants to know more email me at [email protected] or send me a pm. I will help with shipping or in any way i can i just need to get it outa here!!! I can create a list of everything I have aswell but i assure u its worth more than what im asking :lick:

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Zman, at some point I will be in the market for a set of slotted mags.

... Also, if you've got a straight, rust-free hood I may also inquire about that (there's one at a junkyard sort of near here I'm going to try to snag soon otherwise).

What about the driver's side front fender?

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I'm looking for a replacement for the intake manifold thermostat that screws into the back of the rear carb manifold (NOT the main engine thermostat). It must be functioning, of course. If it works properly, it will be open to the flow of coolant until the temp reaches around 150 degrees F., then it's supposed to close and shut off the coolant flow into the intake manifolds.

I may also need a replacement heater box assembly that isn't all warped and rusted like the one on my '72 Z. This is the metal box into which the heater core goes, and it has all the flaps that should open and close freely.

If you have either of these parts, please let me know. e-mail at [email protected]. Thanks

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