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How much does an L24 weigh?


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Assume that there is a complete L24 sitting on the ground, manifolds, carbs, airbox, flywheel and clutch. How much does it wirgh? Can two (or maybe three) guys pick it up to load it in the back of a Land Rover?

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Seriously... what two guys do have in mind? Super Man and The Incredible Hulk? Two regular worn out 50 year olds...No. Not just No...but Hell No. I know of two guys like that. They moved a L28 short block about 20 feet this week end and ahh... it was a bit of a strain to say the least.

Three strong guys with it strapped to rails or a dolly of some sort....yes.


Have fun. Don't hurt yourself, Arne.

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I was afraid of that. Hmm, maybe three husky young guys from the Guard? I might be able to swing that.

Problem is that I found a spare motor, but my trailer (which has a very low lift height) is blocked in by my 240 which won't run right now. The gal that has the motor wants it gone ASAP, so I'm assessing my options.

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my son and i (neither of us are that beefed) lugged my spare engine about 75-100 feet (took a few breaks along the way) and then loaded it into the back of my escort wagon. engine was minus the clutch, int/carbs and exhaust manifolds though.

it's heavy, but surprisingly not THAT heavy.

i'd suggest at LEAST 3 guys, especially since you'll probably have to lift it higher than my little wagon.

and yes, i drove it home about 15 miles in that little POS wagon. i was amazed but i made it home.

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