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Differential Identification?


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I am trying to work out my diff (should be R180 3.54) but I was wondering if there is any way to tell what it is from the outside? There are numbers on the bottom of it which I have taken pictures of... Does anyone know what the numbers correspond to? Thanks!


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As far as I know these stampings have nothing to do with model/type and are to do with the casting/manufacturing process in the factory.

Just work out the ratio yourself, turn the tire/wheel 10 times and have someone count the number of turns the driveshaft does. Divide and you have it. Do this a few times to compare. Also works with a tranny.

Hope this helps.


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Ah, Mike, probably. To be honest the thought didn't even occur to me. I am busy trying to get everything ready for my car. I'll search when I have time as it is not urgent. Joseph, excellent! I'll do that. Thanks :)

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