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intakes--is there a difference?


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Does anyone have any evidence that shows there is a difference in performance between the different intakes. i.e. e-88, n-33,n-36. I have searched and there seems to be very little on this. I have a choice between the e-88 and a 36 , and looking at them I cannot see a difference. I've read that the latter year flowed better to make up for weaker carbs but I haven't seen anyone verify this. Even if it is 10 hp like rumored, that's easy hp to just bolt a different intake on. I appreciate any wisdom on this


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I've read that too, but again without proof. And some of the places I read that admit they even they can't confirm it. When I got my carbs, I decided that any of them would do. My carbs came with E88s.

And even if the thing does flow better, 10 HP sounds like a lot to me.

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