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Favorite coil for ZX ignition


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It looks like the coil in my 240Z is failing. I have the later 280ZX electronic ignition on it, so I need a good coil to use with that. What coils are you guys using? Any favorite brands or models?

I really don't care what color it is, but it needs to work well with the ZX ignition, and either come with it's own bracket, or fit into the factory 240Z bracket. Suggestions?

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I have found that the oil filled ones like the big barrel bosch ones are best. They are used on many vehicles like some of the old Mercedes V8's etc..

There large size and being oil filled helps keep them cooler.

I'm not 100% on a part number but I can try find out however I think the paint on mine is a little faded and it might not be legible.

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I am using the stock '79ZX coil with the same ignition and have no complaints at all. It wont fit in a 240 bracket , it is larger in dia. Gary
The ZX coil is larger than the 240Z coil?? Then I wonder what it is that I have in mine? The bracket in mine appears to be the original one, but the coil is a smaller diameter. Whoever installed it wedged some chunks of heater hose in the bracket with the coil to try to hold it in place. I had assumed that it was the ZX coil (along with everything else ZX under the hood) and that was why it didn't fit right.

Obviously I do need a new coil.

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All my cars have Nissan EI "Matchbook" ignitions, running full 12 volts (no ballast) -

On the roadster, I have a Mallory chrome job, that I can't remmber what the part number was. 6 years of service so far.

On the Z, I have the ZX coil, 5 years and going strong.

On the 521 I just installed a over the counter coil from NAPA for a 79 310. It's the smaller diameter, so it fits the original holder. It hasn't been there long enough to give any reliability info yet.

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