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Friends across the globe.


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Many of us on this website have made friendships with each other from across Not only this country but around the world.

Everyone hear is always willing to help each other out. Weather it be with our cars or if they are giving us a good laugh when we are down.(Or it be could boob pics if thats what you want :) )

While we all dont always get along, but then again what family dose?

Their is a member of this website who has given me so much in life, so many gifts and so much joy. I havent exactly been as giving to him as i wish i could be.

He gave me my firt ride in a Z car and gave me one to take home! Although rusty it has givin me hours of enjoyment and pleasure while working on it. He has givin me so many gifts and all i have to offer is my friendship.

Wouldnt it be great if everyone could just be thankfull for their friends?

Thanks Chris for everthing. Most of all thanks for being my friend.:bunny:

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Okay Bill, enough with the mushy stuff. :)

Seriously though, Bill is right on. This spread out group is like a family. Sometimes we fight but then we get back to what's right and all is well again.

Everyday should be spent being thankful for family and friends. Wherever they may be!

Thanks Bill for the kind words. I'll always be your friend and that's all I need in return.


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That is very nice Bill. I too have feelings such as you and many members here about meeting friends from all over the world. I may not be on as much as I used to be, but it is solely due to this year's school schedule. I am very fortunate for meeting so many people through this forum and when I think about my Zcar, it is more about people than anything. Thanks Bill for this thread, and thank everyone for this forum.

I hope you all have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Best wishes,


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