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Steering Knuckles how long

Evil Twin

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I have four sets of steering knuckles, one of which is supposed to be the competition type. The problem is that while I know that the competition pieces are supposed to be 10mm shorter than stock, all four sets are the same size. I have been unsuccessful in finding the actual size of the stock knuckle-meaning that I could have four sets of the competiton knuckles or more likely four sets of the stock variety. The one set that I have that is supposed to be a competition set came from a gentleman who is absolutely certain that what he sent me are the competition parts.

Only a measurement of either the stock or competition length will telll me for sure.


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Yes, I understand the geometry, but how long are the darn things?


If you are right, all of mine are 7.25" long, which means they are probably the competiton parts-granted 10cm is more than a quarter of and inch but shorter is shorter.

Any measurements between the ball joint hole and the tierod hole? (closest tangent)


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The steering knuckles here in Europe are the same length as the US ones. I have seen an original JDM Nissan/Datsun performance parts/Nismo catalogue and the shorter knuckles are listed in there as one of the many options. Also in my microfiche parts cd (US one), the short ones are listed in there as an option. I've just swapped my ones for the shorter ones. Sizes (from memory) are 115mm and 105mm.



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That's interesting Ian. I had read that the shorter knuckles were standard issue in other countries, along with the "Euro" springs, 5 speeds, and a bunch of other items that were only available to us through Nissan Comp. I had thought that the steer knuckles were one of those items. Maybe in other European countries or Japan or something... ???

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the reason the 70-71 owners need to contact MSA is tha the early cars got steering knuckles that require tierod ends with a smaller diameter "post". They are not "shorter". I don't believe that the tierod ends to fit those early knuckles are available anymore.

Humbles book explains the difference IIRC

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