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Parts advice on a 1980 280zx nonturbo


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My nepehws buddy has a 1980zx. It needs a starter and an alternator (probably a battery too). He is pretty young so I volunteered to help him out on the cheap.

I have replaced the starter and alternator several times on my 72 z and 1985 Nissan 720 pickup.

The alternators and starters appear to be interchangalbe between the truck and 72 z. Although im not sure about the Alternator as there may be issues with output. BUt at least the holes line up. And I did take a starter off my z and put it on the truck at one point.

I am heading to the boneyard this weekend to find him an alternator and starter. My question is, if I cannot find a 1980280zx what cars/trucks and years am I able to pull a starter and alternator out of for the 1980zx. I dont believe it is turbocharged and Id be surprised if it has air. Though I dont know but will check.

AND is it as easy to change the alt and starter on a zx as it is in the 72z and '85 720 truck? which are both a snap.

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I think all ZX's had air. Don't use an alternator before 78 if you get one from a Z. It must have an internal regulator. I also seem to remember that the ZX starters are gear reduction starters so I'd stick with a ZX starter rather than use one from one of the earlier cars. There's less chance of problems if you use one from a similar car. To be safe I would only pull from a ZX. There's usually plenty of them in the junkyards at least the ones I go to. They are both a fairly simple replacememt.

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What sblake1 said. Really any L series starter should work ok just that the later ones draw a little less current, but there should be more ZXs in the JY than earlier ones so that shouldn't be an issue. I would also hazzard a guess that any alternator from a Nissan in that year range would probably be using the same alternator, look for a car that had a lot of power options, usually they have the larger output alternators.

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You can buy a new starter depending on where you go with a warranty, pretty cheap, around here where I live, the starter on mine was only 18.99. Better to have something you will know works, then to get on and have not a clue. Alternators arent as cheap though, if you wanted to get a better one, you can get one from a 90+ maxima, more amps and it will bolt right on, just need to chage the serpentine for the groove pulley and change the spacer underneath.

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