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Z Vet with new Z in Yard


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Just wanted to say hello to everyone out there. I am a previous Z owner, this will make like number 12 or something. I got spoiled by my first Z

(77 280 Orange) and have never been able to match her.

I now have a 76 280 (With original window sticker and Guarantee & Service Booklet) that is very clean (Low Rust) and original except the engine. Its been a few years since I owned a Z and it feels darn good to have one again. Hope to learn some more about them and will try and help where ever possible.


Costal Z Club

76 280z


Cost New $6754.00 w/ Dealer installed AC $6952.50

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This includes my parts cars. I have had 4 that were drivable. My first was a 77 and it had a warped head. I was a newbe there and sold it for 300. The next was a 75 and 76 picked them up at a wrecking yard for 600. One was totaled with new performance engine and one had a great body (orange) with a whole in the block (Driver side) the size of a softball. Can you believe i got that one started with the whole in the side of it. Did a motor swap at my apartment on the side of the street. Had that car for 6 years and loved her madley. Then I just started to buy cars from back yards and fixing them and selling them to people to enjoy. I had my baby so why not let others have one to. had a couple 240's a 260, 79 280, 76 2+2 and the rest were 280's.


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I've got 22 in back right now. That includes a matching set of Early 70 LHD/RHD models (FairladyZ / 240Z Series 1), a 75 Fairlady Z 2+2, and n early 78 Fairlady 280Z (X)....

I've had a few more over the years, and started loving Z's while I lived in Japan.

Yeah, I'm here, too.

Strike TWO! Bet that grates on ya, huh?

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