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My 240Z GT2 race car project

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Hi everyone!

Just registered and I'm attaching pictures (Hopefully) of my race car project. This 240Z is going to be resurected and put back into SCCA road racing up here in the Northwest. The past owner decided to sell this and went to full tube chassis 240Z.

The race chassis came with 77 280Z donor car. The donor has had some mods like header tripple Delloto's and other goodies.

I plan on having it ready for next year. Balanced blueprinted, At least 250 hp.

I'll try and keep updates with trials and tribulations.

Project speed will be directly proportional to cash flow.

Bye for now.



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I picked it up here in Vancouver B.C.

You've probably seen this car raced at SIR over the past decade.

The Beaudoin brothers owned it. The new version they have looks the exact same except it has a tube chassis.



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