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  1. Excuse me, sir, but I was lucky enough to find your car using Google Images but it took forever... Forever to find a front end done up the same way I want to do it. Could you tell me how you got the no-headlight hole look? Hoping it's not a 1-off here, but if you could send me any info, I would be extatic. Thanks! -Joel Kelly


    1974 260Z (someone put a '68 camaro sbc in this thing, but it must've been a weekend project...a two weekend project...)

  2. Yes I did modify the gas pedal. Much closer now. As far as selling it? I'm kinda riding the fence. Just got seperated. The old story.
  3. Why don't you just buy my GT2 and save yourself some major $$. I'm selling it for $17k obo Comes with extra engine ,three trannies too much to list. Chris
  4. I'd go with Big Bad Orange (69-70 AMC)
  5. So the idea is to have the vent hole in that baffled compartment. I wish I had a better grasp on the sidedraft carb situation. This is classic black magic story of who really knows how and why it works.
  6. Great photos Tom. :classic: Much appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Excellent info guys. Thanks. It sounds like I have to vent the bowls.
  8. I heard installing a surge fuel tank might solve the problem.
  9. My carbs (tripple Mikunis) are stumbling on tight right hand corners. The floats are at 6mm. Mikuni manual recommends 12mm. At present I'm using a Carter electric good for 4-8 psi According to my pressure reulator I'm getting 3.5 -4 psi. There seems to be lots of flow. I thought the second pump for whatever reason might help with the stumble and add redundancy. I'm wondering if my Holley pressure regulator could be the prob.
  10. Anyone heard of or installed duel fuel pumps.? I'm wondering if it would give more flow besides having a backup.
  11. ctomkins


    I was thinking the same thing about the colour as target. My wife had a red Grand Am that everyone seemed to aim at.
  12. ctomkins


    It's not as bad as it looks. The hard part is finding a door and one that's not rusty. I think I still have some Big Bad Orange paint left over. If I had the money those Road America guys have, No biggie!
  13. Thanks, That's what I figured.
  14. Question. Will a 280ZX door fit a 280Z?
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