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Flow meter alternatives?


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hi there, sorry because I'm asking here without searching in the forum about flowmeters, but I'm in a real hurry a i need a quick answer:(

I have a scratched plate on my flow meter, it is short circuited at idle!

I'm going to a big junky parts sales next week, is there an alternative for an S30 280Z '77? I heared that a toyota 5M engine's flow meter fits with the same plug and gives better respond.. is that true??

should i buy one? coz a new one is costly over here :cry:

or any better alternative, if anybody know the part number that would be great!

thanx in deposit.. peace

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I mean the L28E engine and the others used the same airflow meter. Certain ones from the 280zxhad a different airflow meter, so make sure it's the correct one for your engine. The one from the 240sx is bigger and needs an adapter, and it's considered a performance part on the L28.

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Tomohawk, the air flowmeter of the 280ZX is so rare over here also, I was looking for an alternative which is newer and less used..

Stephen, yes u are right, but I needed an alternative... but thanx for ur notice..

boostedZ, yes, I'm asking about the flow meter, and I think u mentioned the same flow meter as mentioned previousely as it is for 280Z 1975 up to 280ZX 1983??

did anybody try a toyota's 5M air flow meter? it increases the fule consumption and the performance also in other hand ''as I heared''!

thank you all

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hi again guys, I didnt find a good air flow meter yet:(

but acording to my internet research and experience of our home Z users, a toyota AFM can be used as a replacement for the 280Z AFM, on atlanticz they claim that a cressidas flowmeter fits and might be even better if you take off the circuit board from the nissans flowmeter and put it into the cressida's..

on other hand, guys here said according to thier experience that direct swaping a SUPRA's 5M AFM into a 280Z works good and even better but with a slight higher fule consumption.. as I know, a 5M engine is the same engine that the coressida 2.8 has..

so does anybody know weather if the circuit board exchanging is essential or not?


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