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'72 on ebay

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I agree-great article! When I bought the Dodge, I used one trick they didn't mention. I led them to believe they were going to finance the purchase. I walked them through lowering the price, raising the rate, stripping out the parts I didn't want, and holding the price for 24 hours. The next day I brought in a check for the price on the page. That turned the place upside down, but after a couple of hours, they brought me the keys and I drove off. Funny how you can really use greed against some people!


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I wonder, in what language the book was written where he quoted that "Gret Britan" received 549 240Z's mfg'd in 1972

Hi Carl:

I knew I saw that number somewhere. To introduce the 1979 280ZX, Nissan published a book simply titled "DATUN 280ZX". They gave copies away at the Dealerships if you went in to test drive a new 280ZX, they also sent copies to customers that had answered earlier surveys.

One of charts they published in that book, broke Z sales out by Country..

1970 GB = 2

1971 GB = 264

1972 GB= 549

1973 GB= 1,114



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Hi Guys:

Boy... 240-Z's must be way less expensive where you live...


The White 72...

We don't know the quality of the "respray" but it sounds like the car was just mask off, and top coated..


If it inspected out.. to be as represented... it would most likely be a pretty good deal on a 240-Z today at anywhere near, plus or minus $6.5K. Someone back east might go as high as $7.5K...

OK... So make that $9.5K... prices on these cars ARE going up!

We will have to watch that Yellow car now... If the white car was worth $9.5K to someone... then the Yellow car just might bring over $12K

Carl B.

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