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Compliance Plates


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I was looking at this Z for sale the other day (2+2 260z) and when going over the engine bay i noticed that the australian compliance plate was in a different place from mine. The factory plate was in the same place, near the battery.

So then it got me wondering, was this car correct or had it been moved (eg painting/rebirth???) or is mine incorrect.

anyone got any photos of the location of the australian ADR compliance plate in thier car to remove my paranoia?


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Haven't you got that around the wrong way?

ADR Comp plate is on the firewall near the battery and the factory plate on the RH [drivers] front stut thingy....


the ADR is the aluminium rectangular one (i want to know the proper possitioning of this one)

the factory plate is on the bracket on the passenger side strut (near the battery) like this one here.

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Why does it matter where the compliance plate is? It is only pop riveted on, there is nothing to stop you moving it and no law against doing so as far as I know.

What does matter is that the car's body number on the plate is the same as the actual body number stamped into the body itself. Thats what matters for sure.

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my car has its factory plate like the picture I posted. And the ADR near the battery on the firewall.

the other car had the factory plate in the same place, but the ADR on the wheel arch underneath it.

so it appears that the copliance plates were on both the drivers side and passenger sides of the car.

not that it matters, just curious.

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The very first zeds imported into OZ were sent to the dealers without comp plates attached. Datsun left it to the dealers to attach them. There are a few examples which haven't had the comp plate attched at all as it was simply left in the glove box!

The factory plate is really there to cross check that the engine & chassis serials are as they left the factory and to my knowledge was always located on the drivers side front strut panel on RHD export models.

Perhaps there are the odd example where it wasn't, but then we come down to zed trivia. Maybe Alan T or Kats can verify where JDM or European Export models had there factory plates fitted.

As to the legality of not having these, I would suggest that it may be difficult to re-register without the ADR plate, unless it was one of those very very early zeds.

Radar on Alan?


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I rang up the RTA about this very issue the other day.

All they are concerned with is the compliance plate.

Anything pre 1973 doesnt have nor require a compliance plate.

The only thing they check on pre 1973 cars is the actual VIN stamping on the firewall.

That being said, anyone know where to get replacement factory plates?

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I have seen a whole range of diffrences when I have been chasing the information held on these plates. The 2 by 2 is the weird one because some of these type plates do not carry the engine number just the 2600 L series information and this appears normally just forward of the battery access panel. For all of the 2 seaters the most normal position for the type plate appears to be drivers side front strut tower half way down with the ADR compliance in three common places along the on the drivers side, most common near the voltage reg fwd of strut tower dirver side. next common on the strut tower above the Type plate, and the other position when fitted is below the washer bottle on the curveture, rolling down the inner guard. the other position is no ADR plate cars dellivered before Dec / 70. the others are missing compliance plates for a meriad of diffrent reasons, mainly falling off from poor attachment or rivet failure. re attached plates tend to be where they fit in.

my 2c


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