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Rear Wheel Vibrates at 110km/h


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If the tire/wheel is not out of balance, it could be that the strut on that corner of the car has gone bad and is allowing the wheel and tire to bounce at high speeds.

You could have someone follow you down the road and observe that corner ofthe car to see if this is happening. If it is bouncing, replace the struts.

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All good points so far, tire balance can definitely cause the vibration you mention as can rough pavement. However, I have one more thing to add and that is the U-joint that connects the half-shaft to the wheel.

I had a bad u-joint on my left rear wheel which caused a massive vibration in the tire which led to the lug nuts flying off and the wheel passing my car at 60+mph. Not something you want to have happen. When I took it to the mechanic to fix the damage, he mentioned that the U-joint more than likely caused the problem. So, for what it's worth, have that checked as well.


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I tend to agree to EScanlon - don't discount other factors such as U-joints.

I have the same sort of vibration, coming from the left rear wheel. I was told to investigate:

1. wheel balancing

2. suspension

3. de-laminated tire (or broken steel belt)

I've had the vibration with two different suspension set-ups, so it's definitely not that.

I rotated the wheels to make sure it wasn't balancing or tire problems. but still it vibrates!

I now think it's either the U-joint, or perhaps an off-balance drive shaft? Vibrations have a funny way of starting in one place but ending up in another - sometimes a wobble in the rear isn't actually caused by rear-end componentry?

Good lucK! Let me know if you have any success, because I'll be trying the same thing! :stupid:

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Mmm i just came back from the workshop & the mechanic said that there is a damage on the U-joint, but then there are no parts available in my country to replace or fix it .... do you guys know where i could order these parts?

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the mechanic said that there there are no parts available in my country to replace or fix it ....

Keep that in mind whever you think you need a repair. Except for common things like brake pads & shocks, oil/air filters, etc., you'll need to get the parts in advance, or put off a repair (leave car in shop) until parts arrive, or repair things yourself. Even brake pads & shocks, filters, etc. can be hard to find, so you'll want to stock up on consumables in advance.

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Hey guys, it wasnt the u joint after all which caused the problem, it's because of the wheels which were lack or armour alls hehe just joking :P well i just found out that mayb it was the differential mount which made the knocking sounds, i havent tried replacing it though, im still waiting for the new ones :) hope it works :rambo:

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