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Is there a SB mopar conversion for a 240z ?

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Funny this came up- i may be coming into a 318 pretty soon.....the old 73 is yearning for a transplant....

Yes, you can find info at hybridz, as well as www.moparts.com

73 Z? Transplant... to a 318, nooooooooooo! Don't do it!!! Isn't that the "dog" engine of Mopar? :D Sell the 318 and get some trinkets for your Z.


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318 + 340 heads, etc. Mopar magazine just built up a 318 to 500hp for $500...

Vicky, it's not a done deal(the conversion), but for an almost free motor, its coming to live at my house. Besides, my 73 is a NY victim, already new metal all over- it's no concours car to get chopped. Doesn't everyone "need" a third toy?

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Doesn't everyone "need" a third toy?

Yeah, I guess so. I can somewhat relate. Last March we won a Chevy 350 at a car show. Bought a ticket for the drawing for $5.00 and won an engine! Pretty wild. All our friends where saying "now ya got something to put under the hood of that Z". My husband basically told them to go H. E. double hockey sticks. The 77 was done, at least engine wise. My suggestion was to put the motor in the 78 and have a 3rd toy as you say. My husband would not think of it. He says the only V-8 Z he will own will be a Scarab. Go fish I tell him (I do have a few lines on a couple Scarabs however). Sold the motor for $1,200 and bought some tidbits for his 77.

Best of Luck with your future project


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