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78 280Z Excellent Condition!!


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Ok, the reason(s): new house, credit card bills, student loans, yada yada.

The real reason: wife.

As some of you may know, I've spent a good deal of time putting my Z together, asking questions on the forums and whatnot, making this Z into a prized show car. Well, now I've gotta sell her to someone else who can enjoy the ride. It was either this, or donate blood every week for 20 years...

Now about the car.

Bought it off eBay (check my old account: oreobob512) from ccrae01 in June this year. Flew out to Denver and drove her back to Dallas. Not a single problem (except the gas prices).


83,246-ish miles (We can all debate whether that's accurate milage or not. I was told by previous owner this was correct milage. It was a weekend car for his daughter.)

California Car originally (has Floor Temp sensor and Cali emission stuff)

5 spd Transmisison

AC/Heat work perfect

Nothing modified under the hood, I did notice it has a Bosch starter. Pretty sure that wasn't stock.

Tires only have 4000 miles on them

Runs perfect. Not good, not ok, not very good; perfect. It's my daily driver, I know, I'm the one who spent hours upon hours inspecting and checking. Mechanics are FLAWLESS.

Here's what she needed when I purchased and what I've done:

Rust on passenger fender (fixed, replaced)

Rust on driver fender (fixed, replaced)

Rust on lower front lip (replaced, Xenon Air Dam)

Surface rust along windshield and hatch (fixed)

Rear Deck Carpet Destroyed (Replaced, MSA)

Fluid changes (Done. Tranny, Differential, Engine)

Squeaky brakes(Fixed. New shims, pads, calipers)--I have NEW rotors that come with it. Driver side caliper will be replaced this weekend.

Things I've done after those projects:

Installed MSA Speaker box and Infinity Kappa 6x9. (I do have stock rear backplate)

Replaced stock speakers with Infinity Kappa 4".

Installed Pioneer Premier DEH-P440 Tuner/CD

MSA Floormats (Stock carpet underneath is beautiful)

Leather Shift boot

New radiator, thermo housing, water temp sensor, water pump, thermostat.

Repaint, urethane paint (The paint was beautiful before, but due to the new fenders and sanding of the surface rust up top, it made sense to repaint the whole car).

New lock pulls (Hey, 5 bucks, but damnit I paid for 'em) :)

Replaced the inner shift boot (tomorrow after work) --This was causing my exhaust smell; a very big tear in it...I could lift the boot, look down, and see the cat. :)

Plush leather center storage w/ cup holders

**I do have receipts for a good majority of the parts.

What I have not finished:

Rust hole (approx 3") on passenger floor rail (I am buying the replacement that will come with the car)

1/4" tear on driver's door panel.

Antenna won't go all the way down (receptions fine, I'm just a perfectionist)

Center console has crack right next to ashtray

Dash cap has crack (from install?) on very far corner passenger side.

I will take pictures of all these flaws and post them tomorrow. General pics of the car can be found if you click the link on my signature. I will take PLENTY more tomorrow!

Low Fuel Light (who the hell knows!)

I'll run the costs out to fix what I haven't:

Rust hole: 2-3 hours time of welder's work. (best guess, $350-ish)

Door panel tear: $50, any upholstery repair shop

Antenna: $25-30 (motor is fine, just need the antenna)

Dash Cap: $100, full dash cap (unless you embark on finding an OEM dash)

Center Console Crack: can repair, or $50-100 for replacement.

Low fuel light (an inclination to care whether it works or not)

PRICE: $6500. I've been asking $7500, but I consider that with the flaws, $1000 is a more than generous discount to complete my work.

The car is truly in excellent shape, despite it's flaws, could place/win nearly any show. As I've said before I drive her 7 days a week, it's my only mode of transportation, and it runs and works as good as my wife's 2004 Corolla S. I just want to find her a good home, which is why I'm posting here, collector sites, and on local Z club sites. I don't want to hear that she's going to sit in a garage or behind some glass in a rich guy's collection area. She's meant for the road, I hope she stays there.

Please feel free if you have any questions about the car, I've been completely honest (and long-winded) about the car's description and I don't intend on hiding anything. I want this car to be finshed and shown off.

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Here are the pics of the flaws (sorry it's dark, I got off late):

http://www.B17A.net/pics/000_0780.JPG Center crack

http://www.B17A.net/pics/000_0779.JPG Door Panel Tear

http://www.B17A.net/pics/000_0776.JPG Dash Crack

http://www.B17A.net/pics/000_0699.JPG Rust hole

I am kinda negotiable on the price, and open to a Z32 trade. When I said my reason was my wife, it's because I promised her last year by this time I would get a Z32...she's gettin' kinda ancy.

And Proxlamus, if you're really interested, I'm willing to drive it up there. Heck, I drove it from there when I bought it. I love travelling.

NOTE: I do have lots of extra stuff that will come with the car. Bra, clear headlight covers, some extra weatherstripping, and more.

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I'm going to revert the interior back to a "stock" form. So the price will be reflected. Here's what I'm going to do:

-Remove speaker panel and reinstall back piece.

-Install new center console and reinstall old radio.

Now, the only two items that are not stock, are the dash cap, front air dam, and radio is not factory radio, but close (has casette player).

NEW PRICE: $5800, firm.

This is a steal for a 280Z that's been 99% completed!

NOTE: I'm going to start selling the extra items seperately, either here or eBay. And I am still buying the part to repair the rust hole, it will come with the car.

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Yeah, not too sure if I'll even get the Z32 at this point, it's really not my fancy. My wife is into them (not a big "old piece of junk" fan). Just two weeks ago, I'da laughed if someone told me I'd be selling her. It's funny how a wife, kid, new home, and empty wallet will change all that. I do know a good portion of this money is going towards the new place we're moving into. :)

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...To me that is. :classic:

The reasoning:

I explained to my wife, I can run up my credit cards and get a weekend job for the extra dough for the few weeks if we need it. And also, for me to get a newer car, it'll cost more to maintain, and I'll most likely end up paying monthly for it. AND, even if I do invest a few hundred more into the maintenance and upkeep for the Z...she's mine, paid for, and yeah I'll say it... I love the damn thing!

Now all I need is a garage and a 3 day weekend. :D

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