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Special Service Tools (KV40100800)


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Anyone out there know where I can get hold of a "Gland Packing Wrench" for the front struts. (KV40100800) In the 75 Z FSM it's listed in section FA-21. Called up Kent Moore looking for this special tool (Kent Moore # J-25825-A) and was informed it's discontinued. Anyone know of a different P/N other than the Kent Moore P/N?? For that matter, anyone know of a different tool manufacturer that makes special tools for the Z that would be a functional equivalent??



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Hey webdawg, the next time you see a Snap On or Mac Tools truck stop in and visit them. They can get almost any tool. I have seen what you're describing on the Snap On truck that comes to my shop. I use a large set of slip jaw pliers to remove the nut on my stuff.

Snap On has a "Catridge Nut Tool" which removes OEM and aftermarket nuts on most OEM Datsun/Mazda/Toyota vehicles. Fits 51/54/55 and 58mm nuts. Snap On number WMS1.

Good luck man!


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Are the seal kits for the struts still available?

I've been unable to locate them here [Aus] and that would be the only reason that I would bother with the "special tool".

However, having said that I know that using that gland packing tool can make life much easier and if it's available at a reasonable cost then why not buy it?


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