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Bilramsey2002's Car

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I was looking at this photo and the comments


Bill says in the description its a 280Z wheel.


Inf says its a 240z wheel, which I agree with.

But looking past the wheel, its also a 240z dash, 240z center console, and 240z door trims.

they changed the dash for the 260z.

So my questions:

Did they change it back for the 280z (Unlikely)

Is bills car actually a 240z and he mistakenly believes its a 280z(Bill's the only person that can answer that by checking the chassis numbers and id tags)

Or did someone swap the interior out of a 240z and put it in a 280z.

Check out the other photos.

The interior belongs to the car with the alpine sticker i believe.


Whats the story Bill?

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Note the DATSUN badge along the front wing(fender). Only a 240z thing, diamond pattern vinyl interior was a 240z feature as far as I am aware with the big diamonds anyway.

The dash and console are 240z items and swapping would not be an easy job as they mount differently.

I would put my money on it being a 240z.

And if i had to guess I'd say 72 model.

PS: Bill which one is the project?

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Originally posted by Mr Camouflage

But the steering wheel is not from a 280z its from a 240z, unless Unless bill means he got it out of one of his other cars that a 280z, but originally its a 240z steering wheel.

That's my guess. He even admitted such in a gallery comment.

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Oh brother leave it to my cars to get this thread started LOL.

It actually is a 71. (10?71)

hls30-50735. I thought that the wheel might be from the 75 but wasnt sure. They both came from the same po. The blue one is missing the wheel and the blue paint on the wheel in the 71 is the same collour so i thought it might have came from there. My mistake.

Yes its the one with the ilpine sticker on it. Its a pile i know but im trying with it.

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