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I recently bought a new aftermarket windshield to replace the original which is pitted and has scratch marks from where an idiot P.O. ran the wipers apparently with no blades. Since the person painting my car pulled all of the glass to paint it I figured this would be the perfect time to replace the windshield. I called a local auto glass place and they delivered a PPG brand windshield the next day.

The good news is that the car is now painted and looks great; the bad news is that when they tried to install the new windshield it ended up breaking. They said they've broken them on the way out before but never while installing a new one. They couldn't figure out what went wrong until they compared the old and new by laying them on top of another. From top to bottom they look identical but the new glass was about a half inch narrower at the top and about a quarter inch narrower at the bottom. The glass itself was noticeably thinner (perhaps 2/3 as thick). If that's not bad enough the real problem seems to be that the new glass wasn't curved the same; it had a slightly different bow. The weatherstrip didn't want to stay on and trying to coerce the whole thing into place is what caused the break.

Fortunately the old windshield was still Ok and we put that back in for the time being. Is this a typical problem with aftermarket glass? Should I look for a different supplier? Is the only real answer to find an OEM Nissan windshield? I'm guessing they're a whole lot more than the $175 or so I paid if I can even find one.

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Hey Mike

Just had mine replaced with an aftermarket one (wasnt the original that I was replacing). The glass guy had some difficulties installing it and tried a few different methods and finally got it in.

He looped the cord at four places, one on each side/edge of the glass and edged it in a bit at a time from each point rather than going from one place and forcing it in.

He was an old timer and knew what he was doing. Said he use to use the method on numerous old cars with curved glass.



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Originally posted by st0878

I saw them in the Victorya Brit. catalog for an amazing 99.00. Winsheilds can break very easy if they are not relaxed in the seals. If they bind just the slightest get out the shop-vac.

The $99 VB windshields are certainly aftermarket and I'd have to add another $100 for shipping. Instead I called a local place and they delivered it the next morning for less than the total from VB. However, as I explained, that windshield was not quite the right size and shape. It was close but not good enough. The original windshield went back in without a problem.

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I hadn't thought that aftermarket windshields would be a problem. I've had windshields changed in the parking lot at work in minutes with great results. My 240z windshield is slightly pitted (just enough to be annoying when driving into glare) and I was thinking about having it replaced. Since I'm also in the Atlanta area, please let me know if you come up with a workable replacement.


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I got an aftermarket windshield from Triumph Auto Glass (www.diamondtriumph.com). I live in Colorado, not sure if they are in other areas or not...

Anyway, they came to my house and did the installation. It took the guy a couple of tries, but he got it. It looks good on the car and doesn't leak under the hose.

I paid $190 for the windshield and aftermarket gasket, I think they said the gasket was from Precision. Not sure who supplied the actual glass. Here's what I found on the lower corner on the passengers side:


ASI - M868

DOT - 459

FW 241

They offered me one with shading at the top or without. I got it with shading.

Kenny P.

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Thanks for the info. I had my car appraised recently and the guy said that Eastwood makes a deep scratch glass polishing kit that would probably fix my original windshield. At this point it's worth the $46 to find out.

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