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How much would you pay....?


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Trying to get some feedback for what you think C110/240Ks are worth.

Bear in mind to refer to either coupes or sedans....

For example, I would sell mine for $2000.00 if I got offered it.

High comp L24, 3 speed auto, 240Z carbs, elec ignition, 3 row radiator, separate auto oil cooler, body straight-no rust, 280ZX series 2 alloys. (you can see pics in my gallery)

Be interesting to hear what other think of this, and the value of their own.

Cheers, James

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I wouldn't sell mine either to be honest.

The previous owner has already made an offer of a couple of other Datsuns and a bunch of crap to go with them to get it back off me. I said no.

An offer over $10K might have me interested but I wouldnt expect to get anywhere near that.. so I think I'm safe. :)

I have however seen coupes around the $3-4K NZD mark.

Never witnessed a sedan in the flesh so cant really even think about it, despite my bundles of pictures :)

Oh and there was the one JDM C110 Coupe with a 3.1 Stroker and flares and all the niceities that sold in auction in Japan for $18000AUD or NZD, I can't recall.. either way.. it was an impressive figure.

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Just thought that I would like to add that mine was insured today for $22.000 This was verified by sending photo's and proof of condition. I would not sell for less than $25,000

Thanks for the help to post in my gallery but am still having trouble. Maybe to much at one time I will keep trying.

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I'm not selling the car:classic:

I brought the topic up just to get a feel for what other 240K owners thought/know the value of their cars.

Good to see we some feedback!

prince, $22,000 is incredible. Get some pics of that car into the gallery, must be awesome!


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i have a 240k sedan and im not sure if its really relating but since i cant find many forums/information on 240k's i thought id post here. I inherited it as my first car, and while i know its not worth much, i love it dearly. i hope to keep it for a fair while and do some modifications and upgrades to it as i get more knowledge in the area.

does anyone know how you would fit those wheel flares onto a 4 door, would cutting of the door panels etc be required? i saw a picture of an imported car which has them, ive attached the file.

also do people know approx how many sedans would be left? ive only ever seen one on the road apart from mine, and it was in pretty much perfect condition (from the age of the driver im guessing original owner..)


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Hey mate! Another one to strengthen our presence. I hope you have a good time here at the forums. Regarding the flares for a 4 door car, I think you'd just have to cut the flares up and attach to the door. A bit of fabrication work there... That's a guess though, I'd assume in Japan you can buy the flare set specifically made for a 4 door since there are a few with that done.

There are a fair few 4 doors left here on the Gold Coast, I'm sure there are a decent amount in Melbourne too. You just have to look around.

Most 240K owners seem to 'look' as though they're the original driver.............. we've got plenty of young owners here on the forums though :)

Also, where did you find that picture?

When you get the time, we'd love to see some pictures of your baby in the gallery.

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That, unless I'm mistaken looks like a picture from www.j-spec.com.au or alternatively the auction place where they get most their pictures from :)

Glad to see another K person, welcome.

JMT240KGTR used to and probably still does have a sedan although I'm not sure for how much longer as I think there was a whole swapping thing going on for him to get the Hardtop.

I would also be keen to see some pics of your car.

Again welcome.. any questions just ask.

Make sure you post them in the 240K section though.. you might get growled at my angry american Z owners otherwise LOL LOL LOL

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I hope you Skyline owners don't mind if I poke my nose in here occasionally.........:classic:

The pic of the 4-door with flares seems to be from one of the Japanese auctions. Probably USS by the looks of the photo angle. They drive the cars through the photo booths at the auction and take front and rear shots while the car is momentarily stationary. These photos go on the website along with the auction grading sheet, and the same photos are used on screen when the car goes through the actual auction.

I've been to some of the Japanese auctions ( USS Kobe and Osaka, and another rival auction in Nagoya ) and it was somewhat mind-blowing. The volume of cars they get through is amazing.


Be careful about the Overfenders for the 4-door cars. They are shaped differently to the 2-door versions. You can indeed get two-piece Overfenders for the rear of the 4-door cars, and they are still being made by the aftermarket in Japan. You don't have to cut up the sheetmetal of the body unless you need clearance for wider wheels / tyres. This is not easy on the 4-door, as you have to cut the door and door opening if you want to go particularly wide ( don't do it! ). I've seen this done on a couple of cars in Japan and it looks like a real lot of work. My advice would be to fit the Overfenders if you want to, but don't get into the sheetmetal around the door opening.

Good luck!

Alan T.

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Originally posted by Llama

does anyone know how you would fit those wheel flares onto a 4 door

No you would cut the flare, where the edge of the door is, unless they actually make 2 piece flares (SS -A9X LX Torana Style).

Edit (Alan says yes they do).

also do people know approx how many sedans would be left?

I just saw one on the way home tonight. Took a different way home from work and saw one in someones driveway.

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