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  1. Is that 'aussie desert coolers' in murray st, preston? I dont live too far from there, i'd be happy to drive down one day and let them get some measurements... my datto is just sitting in the carport at the moment not going very far due to a few problems, but is driveable. The only issue is I think the radiator was replaced before i got the car, possibly by Natrad, I'l have to check that out though my memory is hazy. If that isnt an issue, then im happy to do it
  2. WHY oh WHY would you do that to what would have been such a beautiful car this is a fitting topic for me because earlier today i happened to park next to a immaculate, and i mean immaculate, 240k. Ideal older lady story, she is the original owner and bought it from the showroom brand spankin new. The only part that she said has been replaced is the one of the wheel nut covers as someone nicked it. Image below Apologies for the low res it was taken with my phone, and thats also the reason why i didnt bother with any close ups just to show how clean and straight it was. I was amazed how well she had kept it considering she said she used to drive it a fair bit, she has never been in a bingle with it either.
  3. so unnecesarry on the other hand, im feeling better it was only my mirror that was ruined
  4. Thanks for all the replies guys, sorry i havnt replied sooner i havnt been home much lately. I will give Warren a call in the next few days hopefully, ill keep looking around in the mean time. yeah I wish I could get bonnet mirrors but have no sources for them, and I think at the moment I would rather just have two working mirrors (But if anyone knows anywhere I could get a set ) And thanks for checking leon.
  5. I have been keeping my 240k out on the street for the past week or so, as our driveway has been full up with other cars we are minding/driving, and the other day I needed to move my car and got a rude shock The drivers side mirror had been ripped off. all that was left was a small peice of the mounting bracket with the two screws holding it in place. the neighbours said they heard a crunch the night before but didnt see anything, and the leftover mirror is no where to be seen. Im guessing this is just plain vandalism which makes me pretty angry, because it would be very hard to clip the mirror as the orig mirrors are so small they barely stickout from the car itself and there was no other damage. Anyway, I've been asking around at several wreckers in melbourne for a replacement part, but have had no luck. Im getting scared that i wont be able to find a replacement for quite some time, and was just wondering if any of you guys could save me :nervous:. Even if you knew of a set of mirrors which look very similiar/require little adapting that I could pickup somewhere off of a similiar vintage car. Apart from this i had a good christmas, got some more auto tools and my collection is coming along now [Edit: Here is a picture of what happened]
  6. Llama

    another front

    sorry i might have posted it in the wrong section of the galleries i got confused its a 240k, if you are interested look under the forums link and then under the 240k discussion board.
  7. i think scotts old rubber sell them for the 2d and 4d varieties.. they are based out of melbourne thats just from memory when i was looking though
  8. sorry for the wait guys! i do have a pic, and i just started putting pics in my gallery.. but they have yet to be approved. Heres a pic of what i mean.. after seeing those hubcaps im confused though: there are two on that side, and the 2 on the other side are missing. I also have close up shots but i dont have them on my pc yet sorry. Other images of my car (including one that was taken just after i uncovered it after it was sitting in my grandmas backyard under covers for 3 years) can be found at the above link too. thats http://members.optushome.com.au/coleman85/ Thanks
  9. Llama


    the 6x9's that i put in the back, also a hack job hehehe
  10. Llama

    head unit

    after installing the pioneer mp3 cd head unit.... only a little bit of a hack job
  11. Llama

    side on shot

    Side on shot of car showing it in all its beauty not the chrome wheel trims, im missing 2 (but they are on the other side!)
  12. Llama


    Front side shot of car
  13. Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody has come across a place that sells the original trim (or one that fits and you wouldnt be able to tell the difference unless you where a perfectionist) that fits onto the steel wheels that came with the 240k? I only have 2/4 and have been having a casual look in wreckers but have had no luck so far. Ive looked at places like super cheap auto and autobarn for those new ones but none look even close to resembling the originals imo.
  14. my clock started working after i installed a stereo head unit... but like yours alfa it doesnt run on time... slow i think... any reason for this? i havnt really thought into it as i dont pay attention to it but it would be nice to have a clock that works on time! cheers
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