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The Maryland 'Z Club is a group of individuals who own and drive, or as a minimum at least appreciate, the series of Z cars produced by the Nissan Motor Company from 1970 to present. The mission of the club is to unite all Datsun/Nissan Z car enthusiasts, to provide informational services to its members, to serve as a forum for the sharing of information between the members, to work in obtaining discounts and benefits for members, and to assist members in all aspects of Z car ownership. The club invites all members to participate in club activities with their cars. Our activities include road rallies, cruises through scenic routes, car shows, tech sessions, and any others that are suggested by the club members.
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  2. A bit late to the party it seems, but hopefully the club is still active. Just got my 280Z, and am just beginning to fix her up:
  3. Let's see some pictures of your Zs...
  4. East Coast Z Nationals are at Carlisle Import & Performance Nationals Show 18 May. I will be in Myrtle Beach this year. Mark Lambert [email protected] and Steve Weyant Sr. [email protected] are the POCs. Cheers, Kirk
  5. Are you a member of the Maryland' Z Club? Join up at the Website www.mdzclub.org/ East Coast Z Nationals (ECZN) is 18-20 May in Carlisle. When registering, choose the aforementioned as club affiliation. ECZN is down near the stage. We will have Z Clubs participating from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey, and New York. Others may surprise us this year! http://www.carlisleevents.com/carlisle-events/carlisle-import-and-performance-nationals/default.aspx Cheers, Kirk Towner
  6. Hi Kirk, If they have consented to show their location, you can see members in the area from our member map. Simply write down the names of the members and invite them to the club area.
  7. Mike, Can you send me a list of members those that live in Maryland? Cheers, Kirk
  8. Thanks now I have the task to get the Maryland members signed up to assist with recruiting other Z enthusiasts that live in Maryland.
  9. Hi @70 Fairlady Z, your new club is set up. Next step is to invite members to the club. You can see members and other features by using tabs just below your logo header. I am typing this message in the topic area I created. You can also add new features such as a calendar to the club by clicking "Manage Club" from the first page (right side). Let me know if you need any help! Mike


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